Euphemisms for Common RP/Kinks

Okay, so. There are some common things that people get up to that, if they were -real-, would be ginormous problems, and unfortunately, it’s not always clear whether they want RP or real. We can’t just let them say role play, so need a way to differentiate between the two to cover all the asses.

Stuff with euphemisms we could come up with:

Blackmail/coercion = consensual coercion
Rape/Forced Sex = consensual non-consent
Forced slavery/bought and sold [not M/s stuff]/kidnap/abduction = consensual impromptu relocation [nobody said we had to be entirely serious. ;x]
Prostitution = escort [which is different as in ‘selling time’ according to the law, but everybody knows…]

**Note: Any of these things that is clearly comic book in nature could probably just receive a few tweaks to include the consensual stuff, but there are a number of people who like to role play with these themes, and it’s obviously fantasy/sci-fi in nature. We think that if it’s way over the top language that couldn’t possibly be construed as anything real, we have a bit more leeway with the language. See HeroineSnatcher [geannie helped him fix his kidnap stuff to make it acceptable].

We’re going to leave alone:

Forced fem/bi/gay, because these have been long-term kink things that are known to be consensual activities for the most part.

Age play stuff will be fine, as long as there are no numbers or obvious ages attached. There was a profile for ‘summer camp’, which in North America is pretty much 12-18, so obvious age attached to that, which means it would have to go. If they say something along the lines of “enjoys colouring in colouring book while having ass mauled by dominant” then it’s fine. Acting younger is implied there, but not specified. But if it’s something like, “enjoys colouring in colouring book while having middle-school ass mauled by dominant”, then we have an obvious age attached. No good.

Anthropomorphism: As defined in dictionary, this is assigning human characteristics to gods, animals, or objects. It takes in all of the were-people play, furries, etc.

Stuff that just no:

Incest, beastiality, paedophilia, and snuff are the main ones that we can’t really fudge on at all, because there’s there really nothing about any of these things that is acceptable.

And finally… what none of us see, none of us have to do anything about. We all know people are going to be role playing or arranging stuff online to do offline out of our sight, but if no one is complaining about it or slapping us in the face with it, then we don’t know for sure that it’s going on.

If any of the users give chanops a lot of trouble or get abusive about nicknames, profile language, or anything else that is or may be in violation of the rules, feel free to throw them at us. We’ve got no issues with helping out with that stuff when needed.

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