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Controversial Kink Series: Caretaker Dominants, Littles, and Age Play

A relatively new subtype for dominants and submissives is that encompassed within the parameters of the “caretaker and little” dynamic. The dynamic itself is not new, but the terminology is somewhat. Not all caretaker dominants seek out littles, and not all littles form relationships with caretakers, and not all of these dynamics include any elements of age play, but it is “normal” for a caretaker/little pairing. Unfortunately, because of the titles used and the manner […]

Controversial Kink Series: Consensual Non-Consent

Consensual Non-Consent or “CNC” is one of the more controversial forms of interaction that exists in BDSM/kink lifestyles and circles. The basic definition is that a person gives explicit consent for another person or group to do whatever they wish to the consenting party. There are various levels to this sort of thing that range from play to full-on ‘ownership’ of one person to another. Types of CNC: CNC in Play – This is where […]

Cuff-Link Staff Q&A and a Couple of Polls

It’s been a while since we’ve done a staff Q&A for the benefit of the users, but we figured it’s time again. Among answering whatever questions you want, any subject allowed, we are tossing around ideas to implement a couple of features as well, so we’d like to use the announcement of a Q&A session in #cuff-link to also get your input and views on whether we should bother with the new features. But first! […]

Consensual Non-Consent, Safewords, and Overall Safety

Cuff-Link strives to be a safe place for the lifestyle community to interact with one another, which includes emphasis on personal responsibility and attempting to keep predators out of the community. Because of the nature of some BDSM and kink play, it’s important to address several factors to help everyone have a safe place to play. Intent and Consent This applies to Cuff-Link specifically and the world in general. Some use Cuff-Link strictly as an […]

#treehouse Channel Bio

Union Rep(s): Khonshu Propaganda:¬†High in the treetops, rests a refuge and shelter, built by friends. Warm light glows from within, while laughter floats like music in the air. Come find a seat, or a lap; grab a drink or a snack, and join the conversation and entertainment.¬†#Treehouse welcomes all types of creatures, furries, littles, mysticals, even mundane humans. Our crowd enjoys all manner of conversations and shenanigans. Respect of all is mandatory, and scening is […]