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#musings story for April 12, 2016: Black Friday Purge

The setting: A Black Friday “Purge”. [For those who don’t know, a Purge is a day when laws do not exist. Anyone can do anything and not have any repercussions for it, aside from the ones they may apply to themselves after the mayhem] The prompt [supplied by trinket]: That was it; the last time I would ever visit her. I couldn’t go back, not after what happened. You will see during the text [#] […]

#musings Round Robin Writing Rules

A global will go out on Cuff-Link when we are going to start #musings writing sessions¬†with a time for when writing sessions are beginning. There will be a 10-15 minute time period to allow us to get organised, come up with a prompt, and elect someone to time the writers. All people who are + (voiced) will be writing, those without will be observing. Some of the ops will be writing as well and will […]