Mibbit Authentication and Auto-Join

This is for identifying to NickServ without a Mibbit account and without issuing the identify command every time you connect manually:

mibbit basic

On the front page of mibbit.com, click “Launch Client” on the left, and you’ll be greeted by the above screen.

For connect, scroll down to “Cuff-Link” and then click “Auth” to the right of it.  That will add the new box that says NickServ and a blank one – the blank one is for your NickServ password, and it will come up as dots.  Next, fill in your registered nickname, and a channel to join if you choose, then click Connect!

Now you will be be identified without having to type the long command.

Please note: If you have a Mibbit account, which requires an email address to set up, but does not currently demand email confirmation, you can permanently set Cuff-Link up with auto-identify, custom channel joins, perform functions, and even enable logging while skipping the default join on connect.

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