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A suggestion was made during our last Q&A session with the staff by rowenne to put up channel bios on the website so people can come and have a more in-depth look to see what a room is about on Cuff-Link. We said that we would implement this feature for channels as soon as possible, and after going over the details, we’re rolling out this feature.

If you’d like to have a post here on the blog about your channel, please go ahead and fill out a ticket on our support site at Simply click on “Open a New Ticket” and choose the “Channel Bios” help topic from the drop down.

Channels may use this feature as a starting off point for the channel to direct them to channel websites. You may even use your channel’s bio page to in topics or entrymsgs to give your room members and visitors extended information.

To take advantage of the Channel Bio service, there are a couple of minimum requirements:

  • Your channel must be registered consistently and not get de-registered frequently due to disuse.
  • You need to have at least 10 regulars in your channel. This means that you have at least 10 people that frequent the room over the course of a week for longer periods of time on each visit. However, they do not need to consistently be parked there at all times or even stay there for the duration of their visit to Cuff-Link.
  • You must have a representative in charge of rules changes, feature changes/additions, and so forth. This person does not have to be the owner of the channel, but they should be an op and authorised by the owner.

The required fields on the form are:

  • Your main nick.
  • Your email/channel email — you may use a personal email or an email that you’ve set up for your channel, but please make sure it is valid as we will reply via the support system if we need any extra information. As an added tip, please keep your login details for the support site handy, since we prefer you respond via that system rather than email. If you respond via email, we cannot guarantee we will see it in a timely fashion.
  • Channel name.
  • Point of contact — this may be the channel owner or an op in the channel chosen to take care of the channel bios. Please make sure that this person is available frequently via email and/or IRC.
  • Channel description — please give us as much detail as possible regarding:
    • What your channel is about
    • If everyone is welcome or you have a specific group/kink/etc. in mind. Please remember to take the Cuff-Link Community Policy & TOS into consideration when providing this information.
    • Does your channel encourage public scenes?
    • Is your channel for roleplay, general chat, lifestyle discussion, etc.?
    • Channel history [not required, but may be nice for users] — has your channel been around since; did you move from another network; do you have channels on several networks that relay between; who founded the channel?
    • Channel bots: If you have no bots in your channel, then indicate “none” on the form. If you do have bots, please list all of them. These include BotServ [ChanServ/named services bot], profile bots, AI bots [like Syringe, FuckMe, and Grool], game bots, and radio bots.

Optional fields:

  • Channel features:
    • Profile bot.
    • Weekly events.
    • Channel website and/or social media such as facebook, twitter, and tumblr — we will include these in your bio.
    • Weather.
    • Radio.
    • Relay bot.
  • Channel rules:
    • If you have rules listed on an outside website, please provide the URL to the rules, and we’ll include it in your channel’s bio post.
    • Bot command to obtain the rules to your channel if you have a bot that does such.
    • If you have rules, but they are not on an outside website, then feel free to include them in the field for this on the form. Once the bio page goes up, feel free to use the URL in your topics and/or entrymsgs to direct users to your page to get your rules. Please note: Have your rules hashed out prior to including them on your bio page as we will not do frequent [weekly/monthly] updates to them. Rule changes after several months will be fine as issues come up.
    • Special considerations — if your channel doesn’t necessarily have a full rule set, but you require certain things from users when they enter, include them here. These include, but aren’t limited to:
      • Begging entry.
      • Identifying age/gender/etc. upon entry.
      • Whether subs need to indicate their service status: collared and not permitted to serve sexually; collared and not permitted to serve at all; currently “in use”, etc.
      • If certain persons are not allowed in the channel such as women, men, transgender, sissies, AB/DL, furried, dominants or submissives of any gender, etc. Please note: Having channels that exclude certain kinks/genders is perfectly fine with regards to Cuff-Link’s TOS, however discrimination based upon anything is not — there is a difference, and if we suspect discrimination vs. niche interest, we will clarify with you prior to finalising your channel’s bio.
      • Required use of honorifics.
      • If you give status [ie: voice/+] to users based on certain criteria, such as is using a registered nick; has a profile; is male/female; is dominant/submissive; is available for service; and so forth.
    • Sister channels — if your channel has related channels or “sister channels”, feel free to list them with a brief description and any websites and social media for them if these exist. If the sister channel already has a bio page, we will simply include that in the additional information.
    • Chanstats — please indicate yes or no on the form for whether you have chanstats turned on for your channel. If you don’t know, there’s no need to do anything here, but if you’re interested in your channel having chanstats or to learn what they are, please /join #help on the chat network. If no one is available, you can issue commands like !gtop10 or !top10 to see what chanstats does. As an added note, chanstats does not log chat. It merely counts certain things. For instance, !gtop10 currently [as of the writing of this] shows that on a network-wide basis where chanstats is turned on, Syn is in the number 1 spot with: letters: 2984430, words: 560062, lines: 71573, smileys: 1609, actions: 8919.

Please do not include a list of staff/ops. These can change frequently for some channels and/or people use multiple nicks that would be impossible to keep track of or update properly. If you list these on an outside website, that is fine, but we will not include them in the bio post with the exception of a Founder’s nick for the purposes of channel history.

Feel free to expand upon any field in the Ticket Details section if you haven’t got enough room for them.

As always, if you have suggestions for this or any other feature Cuff-Link offers, please leave a comment below, file a ticket under “Feedback / General Inquiry” on the support site, or /join #help and ask.


Cuff-Link Staff.


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