#humiliation Channel Bio

#humiliation Channel BioUnion Rep: Xena — if you have any issues that the ops can’t help you with or you’re unsatisfied with their answers, then you need to contact Xena to get it sorted.

Propaganda: Choose a kink. Choose a fetish. Choose to humiliate and degrade, or to be humiliated and degraded. Choose to join the friendliest, most welcoming room on IRC. Choose one of our sexiest sluts to play with in public or pull them away for some private time. Choose to bow before the mighty Xena and pray her attention on you lasts. Choose your future… choose to be in #Humiliation!

Considerations: Make a profile, or be nagged to make one. #humiliation is not a high protocol room, however a good number of people prefer honorifics, so expect to use Sir or Ma’am in the direction of the dominants. Do not do so at your own risk. By risk, we mean being subjected to all manner of weirdness by the Cybernetic Cretins [see below].

Rules: Channel rules are listed on http://humiliation.cuff-link.me. Mainly, these can be summarised as “Don’t annoy Xena” and “ask before PMing someone”. Server rules are strictly enforced.

#humiliation bots:

Shame: ChanServ functions.
Humiliate: Profile bot. Sample profile —

Grool’s location: In bed with Madonnaage: 286 days awakegender: The Lord of the Rings
Grool’s description: My hair is mottled magenta, but other than that, I refuse to tell you anything else. You will just have to ASK.
Grool’s kinks: I have no kinks, but if you grill me hard enough, I will admit that I am into whale biologists, humilation, monitors, and being broken.
Grool’s limits: I do not like BDSM or freezing, and the thing I hate the most is a processor.
Grool’s position: Kitten.orientation: A creature of meat and bone, panting and sweating.

Ares: Weather, wiki, and Urban Dictionary.
The Cybernetic Cretins: FuckMe, Grool, and Syringe. They’ll talk to you, make potentially kinky stuff if you tell them to !scrap adult, and if you tell one or all of them to courtmartial someone they will. Comedic value, of course!

Sister Channel(s):

#ponygirl-training – here be a Dragon, and the very occasional ponygirl. Trainers and pets always welcome!

*note: #humiliation is not an official Cuff-Link room.

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