#School-of-O Channel Bio

#School-of-OUnion Rep: JP

Propaganda: We are a channel that teaches and role plays BDSM in a school environment that is similar to the Rosiary from the Story of O. We provide training of girls to good girls, servants, pets, fucktoys, and more. Our bot provides a wealth of information including references to books and websites, and channel staff opinion about BDSM and various topics. We strive to provide a safe place for experienced, novice and new people to interact and learn.


1) 18 and over only.
2) Respect each O/other (Sir, Ma’am), no unrequested PMs, No Trolling. Presence in channel is not automatic consent for use. Get to know P/ppl.
3) The safeword is “4red1”. Type it on a single line. When Y/you hear/see it STOP.
4) Be considerate of O/others when T/they are scening. NO SNIDE COMMENTS.
5) Establish Y/your partner’s limits…both Dom/me and sub.
6) When away, mark Y/your nick accordingly, i.e. nick-afk, nick-brb, etc. and de-voice.
7) Respond to Op requests. Ops will ask 2 only twice.
8) boys are welcome but will dress and may be referred to as girls.
9) Acceptance of reasonable punishment is expected. Repeated failure to do so, may result in bans.
10) Serving is expected within limits and comfort level with the Requestor. voice indicates available girls. (please set your description and limits with !set to avoid issues or questions)

Considerations: We add the following expectations to the rules. As with a school, subs may be punished at Dom discretion for not following these, but they are not bannable or kickable offenses.

1) Wear the uniform (!uniform), $Me or outfit as instructed.
2) Address the Instructors properly as Sir, Ma`am, Mr, Mrs or as told by the Instructor
3) Greet Instructors when They enter, if not busy with a Task
4) Have permission when leaving the main room (i.e. go to the restroom, library, dorms, etc)
5) Have their monthly phyiscal done. If it is overdue, it may be by any instructor.
6) Serve within your limits
7) Do and try your best. no one is perfect, but trying is a must.
8) Improve as trained/instructed.
9) Take responsibility for yourself. Don’t worry about what others can/can’t do, never blame anyone else for your mistakes or failings.
10) No Teasing or jealously of others.

#School-of-O bots:

TheCommander: As stated above, the bot will provide a bunch of information, and includes a basic profile function.

When you enter, The Commander will /notice you with the following:

Welcome back to #School-of-O. Room date and Time is Sunday June 19 2016 15:18:20 -0400 GMT
This room does beleive that students should only be punished after they know and understand rules and expectations. if they do not, please teach them.
. !lessonplan – suggested lesson plans for students
. !set [description] – use this to add your profile and !view nick to see them
Other Commands
!help – help
!UniformCheck nick – to see the student’s assigned uniform
!Suggest <idea> – submits a suggestion for consideration
Commands should be PM’ed to TheCommander
UNIFORM CHECK FOR g on 06/19/2016
you should be in your black uniform or one of your Teacher assigned uniforms.

Sample Profile:

{g} !view g
{TheCommander} g – This is a test profile for the channel bio on the Cuff-Link blog. Not one actually for g.

Sister Channel(s):


*note: #School-of-O is not an official Cuff-Link room.

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