Cards Against Humanity Bot Commands

Atreides, the Cards Against Humanity [CAH] bot that resides in #kinky-geeks, will randomly pick a Card Czar [the person who decides who ‘wins’ the round] each round of play. Your card choices will be sent to you via /notice, so be sure to have these turned on and in the active window. The commands for the bot are:

  • !start # – Start a new game. Optional parameter can by used to set a point limit for the game (e.g. !start 10 to play until one player has 10 points.)
  • !stop – Stop the currently running game.
  • !pause – Pause the currently running game.
  • !resume – Resume a paused game.
  • !join – Join to the currently running game.
  • !quit – Quit from the game.
  • !cards – Show the cards you have in your hand.
  • !play # (#) – Play a card from your hand, # being the number of the card in the list. Play as many numbers separated by spaces as the current card required.
  • !winner # – Pick a winner of the round, # being the number of the entry in the list. Only for the current card czar.
  • !points – Show players’ points in the current game.
  • !list – List players in the current game.
  • !status – Show current status of the game. Output depends on the state of the game (e.g. when waiting for players to play, you can check who hasn’t played yet)
  • !pick – Alias for !play and !winner commands.

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