#treehouse Channel Bio

cb-treehouseUnion Rep(s): Khonshu

Propaganda: High in the treetops, rests a refuge and shelter, built by friends. Warm light glows from within, while laughter floats like music in the air. Come find a seat, or a lap; grab a drink or a snack, and join the conversation and entertainment. #Treehouse welcomes all types of creatures, furries, littles, mysticals, even mundane humans. Our crowd enjoys all manner of conversations and shenanigans. Respect of all is mandatory, and scening is encouraged, but not required.

Considerations: #Treehouse is a channel that was created to have a creature friendly space. Role play and fun are encouraged and enjoyed. A large MUD like space exists within the it’s walls, do ‘showme Tour’ to have a look around.

Rules: For your enjoyment, abide by the #Treehouse rules:

  1. Respect ALL users in channel.
  2. Server limits apply to all public role plays.
  3. Please do not engage in scenes of gratuitous violence, maiming, and gore.
  4. EXTREME behaviours will NOT be tolerated.
  5. Please participate.
  6. Channel Operators will warn via PM. see ‘showme RuleSet’ for a list of Rule explanations.

There are no special rules or protocols to enter and enjoy our space, all are welcome to come and join the conversation.
Voice is granted to users with a Profile see !profile_help or type !setup in channel to create one.

#Treehouse bots:

Scribe: Usual ChanServ functions!
Baloo: Profiles.

Channel Features:

Weekly events are being planned, and there is always something brewing in one of our spaces.
Chanstats is enabled.

*note: #treehouse is not an official Cuff-Link room.

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