Znc Service ToS

We are offering a bouncer service for users who have need or want of connecting to cuff-link via a relay or simply wish to have a stable connection with which to remain connected all the time.

ZNC Terms of service:

  • Connections to any service besides the Cuff-Link IRC network is disallowed via firewall.
  • Follow all the Cuff-Link network rules found here.
  • One account per person.
  • Any account left idle for more than 3 months without prior notice will be removed.
  • Do not attempt to compromise the server or any other users account.
  • Do not use the service for anything illegal, such as file-sharing, or child pornography. This will lead to your immediate removal from the service.
  • You will need to enable logging on your local client and keep logs on your local machine. Logging is not enabled on the remote server for your privacy and our conservation of space. You will need to provide logs to contest or contrast any complaints about your use of the service, so we recommend ensuring logging is enabled on your end.
  • Tor exit nodes are firewalled.
  • Any violations of the above is subject to revocation of services without a refund.

The bouncer [ZNC] service is $7/year, payable via PayPal to Hatred. You MUST have a registered nickname. Please join #help and ask for Hatred or submit a ticket if interested in using the service.


This is a completely optional service provided by one of the opers. Cuff-Link is and will always remain free to access.

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