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**NOTE**  This post is a work in progress, so check back to see updates.  There may also be more sections added, so feel free to ask in #help as well.

Hexchat has built upon a wonderful platform of customization and there are some features that can be used to their fullest extent on our network and some features work on all.  Each concept below is its own piece of goodness, however some can be used to build upon others such as adding a custom command to stack multiple commands into a button.

A fundamental part to know about is where your config folder resides, so backups can be made, or manual adjustments if needed:



Most everything here is visual:

  • Channel switcher options
  • Status symbols preceding nicks
  • Custom userlist icons
  • Identification to nickserv notated on nicks
  • Account name notated on join
  • Customizing the right click menu and/or buttons

But there are some things behind the scenes also:

  • SSL fingerprint authentication via SASL External
  • Log rotation
  • Tab completion options
  • Custom commands

Visual Effects

This is by no means a conclusive list, but look at it like a primer of things you can create.  A couple suggestions and references to the full specific info where its useful.

Channel Switcher Options

Head into Preferences in the Settings menu and under Interface select Channel Switcher.  The main difference here is Tree vs Tabs.  This is handy if you’re into mapping out your desktop real estate precisely, as well as what works best depending on preferences and usage.

Text Events

This one deserves its own section, and there are several sections below that refer to it.  Here’s the example for the Status Symbols update:

To get to it, Settings > Text Events.  Keep in mind that most theme files will overwrite this conf since it is part of the overall appearance, so best to choose a theme first and modify.  To edit, select the line, double click or enter on the Text field to edit, and then enter to save and preview at the bottom.  The variable list in the middle is the available data for that particular line, and varies depending on what the information is; its not required to use all of them, but there can be some useful things added such as account name on joins.  Check out this section for a full list of the % pieces available to customize text.

Status Symbols Preceding Nicks

The first part into Text Events.  Here is the example for what I have for Channel Message:

%C15$3$t%C18$1$4%C15:%O $2

+$tGrool: Cuff47737 made me.

The $t is the vertical line, and information can be on either side of it.  In this case, $3 is the status symbol of the nick, and $4 is the ytext/ntext below.  The applicable segments to edit:

  • Channel Action
  • Channel Action Hilight
  • Channel Message
  • Channel Msg Hilight
  • Your Action
  • Your Message

Custom Userlist Icons

Right click the above icons and Save As… into your config folder and a new folder called icons.  There are other icons for the tree, but I use these for the userlist in the theme of the old colored dots, but much more functional.

Notation of Identified Nicks

/set irc_id_ytext *

/set irc_id_ntext ?

By the default text event settings, this will add a * in front of the nick’s lines of text showing that they are identified, and a ? in front of un-identified nicks.  It is not required to set both, as I prefer only using ytext.  Choose a character in charmap or it can be moved around in Text Events.  See the Status Symbols section for the applicable lines, just the Channel ones though, and the Text Events section for more details on that screen.

Account Name on Joins

This one is only a text event tweak – but very straight forward.  Scroll down to “Join” and add $4 wherever you would like the account name to show, see Text Events above for basic usage of the screen.  Here’s an example of what I have:

%C20❱$t$1  $3 [$4] %C23has joined $2

$tg [geannie] has joined #help

Customizing the Right Click Menu and/or Buttons


Behind The Scenes

This gets into a bit more of the inner workings, and as always, beware the quirks between windows and *nix; differences will be notated as such and only affects creating the SSL certificate, the logging path, and the conf locations.

SSL Fingerprint Authentication via SASL External


Log Rotation


Tab Completion Options


Custom Commands and Command Stacking

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