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Nettiquette on Cuff-Link

So you have found your way onto the Internet. In particular #cuff-link and the Cuff-Link Community in general. We would like to share some of our experiences with you, both from personal points, and things we have witnessed ourselves. Do’s Treat it like real life, treat people as you would in real life, don’t hide behind a nickname. Don’t give people your life story, not everyone you will meet online will be as genuine or […]

Kink Shaming – What it Is and Is Not

Kink shaming is the act of devaluing, disrespecting, mocking or disparaging a person over [or because of] their kink or fetish. Assuming a person is not also into humiliation or degradation over their other kinks or fetishes, this is discouraged. If you do so, you may find yourself harshly chastised by anyone observing it, even if they aren’t into the kink or fetish themselves. However, stating any of the following is not kink shaming: I […]