Cuff-Link is Going TLS-Only

Consent. Privacy. Security.

These are the three things that help us ensure safety and minimal risk for everyone who uses Cuff-Link. We cannot properly do this while allowing people to connect to the network with insecure [unencrypted] connections. After several months of mulling it over, the decision has been made to go TLS-only [aka SSL-only] by February 1, 2018.

This gives us 3 months to assist people with updating their clients to the correct ports and ticking a few boxes. If your client does not support TLS, you will need a new one. No exceptions will be made.

If you already have TLS/SSL enabled, but you have boxes ticked that say “Accept invalid certificates”, untick them. Our certs are verified with Let’s Encrypt.

Anticipated questions:

Q: Encryption? But I have nothing to hide.
A: Maybe the people you talk to do. Many places in the world frown upon certain activities between consenting adults.

Q: Why isn’t it sufficient for only one side to use encryption?
A: Unencrypted messages sent from the IRC server to your IRC client can be easily read by your network operator (spouse, kids, employer, ISP, government, etc.) Such a setup may be used to target the other users who opted to use encryption.

And also, directly affecting those of us who use Cuff-Link due to the nature of our interests and lifestyles:

To connect with TLS:

Port: 6697
Check any boxes that say "Use SSL" or "Enable SSL"
** Note: Some clients require you put +6697
A post with some screenshots [will add to this as we can]:

Recommended clients:

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