Got Consent? T-Shirts – 25% of Royalties Donated to


There has been a lot of talk regarding domestic violence and sexual assault over the past year, largely thanks to the #metoo social media movement. We know that far too many of us who participate in the Cuff-Link Community have had experiences with this sort of thing.

We’ve been looking for a decent charity or organization that encompasses outreach, education, and both men and women — sexual assault and domestic violence are not constrained to acts perpetrated only by men toward women. There are a lot of cases where it’s been the opposite or involving same-sex or gender, and it also affects transgender people as well.

No one is immune, and most of us will encounter very few people who have not either been personally affected by this or know multiple people who have.

g has designed a “Got Consent?” t-shirt. It is available in a variety of colours with a light and dark theme and purchasable on and

25 percent of all royalties earned will be donated to

Here’s the design:

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