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Znc Service ToS

We are offering a bouncer service for users who have need or want of connecting to cuff-link via a relay or simply wish to have a stable connection with which to remain connected all the time. ZNC Terms of service: Connections to any service besides the Cuff-Link IRC network is disallowed via firewall. Follow all the Cuff-Link network rules found here. One account per person. Any account left idle for more than 3 months without prior […]

SASL Setup for HexChat

While this is specifically for setting up SASL on Cuff-Link using HexChat, this tutorial should work for any network that offers SASL connections to users. This is assuming that you already have a connection setup for Cuff-Link. 1. Open the Network List: 2. Choose Cuff-Link and Edit…: 3. Make sure your “User name” is the same as your NickServ account name, then select SASL (username + password) from the Login method dropdown: 4. Enter your […]