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#musings crashes #filth again: To the Girl with the Patent-leather Payless 4-inch Platform Stilettos

During a game of Truth, Dare, or Filth in #filth this past week, someone dared someone else to write an open letter to a person they’d like to have sex with. We decided to use it as our next #musings round robin, which we did in #filth again. To make it more readable, as usual, we’ve formatted the session with proper breaks, and you’ll see [#] to indicate who wrote the next bit. We hope […]

Cuff-Link Events Calendar

We’ve implemented a system for adding your channel’s events to the Cuff-Link Events Calendar. There is a form located at our support site,, where you may request your event be added to the calendar here on the blog. Events can be recurring or one-time events, but we will need to know which in order to add you to the calendar. Additions to the calendar should be submitted using the “CL Event Calendar Addition” form. […]