Cuff-Link Profile Bot Service

The Cuff-Link Profile Bot Service has been revamped and has undergone a few changes. There are two tiers of profile bot service now. Free service available to all users with no requirements regarding channel numbers. Paid service [monthly, via Patreon patronage] that will allow members to request add-ons and customization to the profile bots. Free Service: The bot’s name is Ubiquitous. When a user who has a profile joins the channel, it will say this: […]

OhMiBod Better Than Chocolate? Why Yes, It Is.

angi and I have been talking about reviving our old fun with toy reviews again, so I decided to dive in and do one on the OhMiBod Better Than Chocolate Music Edition. For those of you unfamiliar with OhMiBod, they first came out in 2006. I got my first one, the Naughtibod, that year. It died fast. Last year, I got the G-Spot 3.OH Music Vibrator, and it worked well. Until I broke the cord […]

As We Say So Long to Unreal and Welcome InspIRCd

We switched to InspIRCd this week from UnrealIRCd, so there are a few changes on the chat servers. Most of these will not affect you in any way, except for enhancing the way you can use the service. This is an excellent time to visit your auto-joins, nick identification, and other perform settings in your client. Possibly even time to set some up. Mibbit and IRCCloud accounts support various perform functions, such as NickServ identification. We […]

On Clarification and Gratitude

Now that the dust has partially settled and our community, Cuff-Link, is still alive and well, contrary to any other rumors, we, as staff, admins and owners, would like to address our users and their concerns. There’s been a lot of mudslinging, and while we would love to respond on a personal level, the truth of the matter is that personal matters have no place in the running of a community such as this. Our […]