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#treehouse Channel Bio

Union Rep(s): Khonshu Propaganda: High in the treetops, rests a refuge and shelter, built by friends. Warm light glows from within, while laughter floats like music in the air. Come find a seat, or a lap; grab a drink or a snack, and join the conversation and entertainment. #Treehouse welcomes all types of creatures, furries, littles, mysticals, even mundane humans. Our crowd enjoys all manner of conversations and shenanigans. Respect of all is mandatory, and scening is […]

#School-of-O Channel Bio

Union Rep: JP Propaganda: We are a channel that teaches and role plays BDSM in a school environment that is similar to the Rosiary from the Story of O. We provide training of girls to good girls, servants, pets, fucktoys, and more. Our bot provides a wealth of information including references to books and websites, and channel staff opinion about BDSM and various topics. We strive to provide a safe place for experienced, novice and new people […]

#RPHaven Channel Bio

Union Reps: Witch or ZeroFox Propaganda: A safe haven for lovers of role play on All are welcome as long as they follow the rules. Join us every Thursday and Saturday at 2100 Eastern for a game of Never Have I Ever — the game in which you confess that you have or have not done a thing. Considerations: We are not a high protocol channel, and we prefer that detailed scenes be taken privately, as […]

#humiliation Channel Bio

Union Rep: Xena — if you have any issues that the ops can’t help you with or you’re unsatisfied with their answers, then you need to contact Xena to get it sorted. Propaganda: Choose a kink. Choose a fetish. Choose to humiliate and degrade, or to be humiliated and degraded. Choose to join the friendliest, most welcoming room on IRC. Choose one of our sexiest sluts to play with in public or pull them away […]

Cuff-Link Channel Bios

A suggestion was made during our last Q&A session with the staff by rowenne to put up channel bios on the website so people can come and have a more in-depth look to see what a room is about on Cuff-Link. We said that we would implement this feature for channels as soon as possible, and after going over the details, we’re rolling out this feature. If you’d like to have a post here on […]