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COVID-19 and Cuff-Link

As you are all aware, we are currently in the midst of a pandemic. While we have no inclinations to create rules surrounding the current situation, we are asking all of you to express empathy, sympathy and tact towards what people are facing. We understand that people use humour to make light of bad situations, but please understand that using nicks such as COVID-19 and suchlike are in incredibly poor taste. At minimum, you will […]

On Ownership and Collars

Owners and slaves sometimes have difficulties with misconceptions and assumptions from people outside of the relationship. Frequently, these result from preconceived notions about collars and a slave’s place in general. This is not about “room”, “house”, or “play slaves” who often exist to serve everyone and anyone. It is about the slaves in TPE relationships who answer to a single person. Usually. There are some couples or poly groups who enjoy joint ownership. Regardless, the […]

Nettiquette on Cuff-Link

So you have found your way onto the Internet. In particular #cuff-link and the Cuff-Link Community in general. We would like to share some of our experiences with you, both from personal points, and things we have witnessed ourselves. Do’s Treat it like real life, treat people as you would in real life, don’t hide behind a nickname. Don’t give people your life story, not everyone you will meet online will be as genuine or […]

Kink Shaming – What it Is and Is Not

Kink shaming is the act of devaluing, disrespecting, mocking or disparaging a person over [or because of] their kink or fetish. Assuming a person is not also into humiliation or degradation over their other kinks or fetishes, this is discouraged. If you do so, you may find yourself harshly chastised by anyone observing it, even if they aren’t into the kink or fetish themselves. However, stating any of the following is not kink shaming: I […]

Private Message Etiquette on Cuff-Link

We’re not sure if there’s something in the water recently that is causing people to open conversations in an inappropriate fashion or to respond in a way that is just as bad, if not worse. Here’s a little guide on the best ways to respond to certain situations, how to determine whether it is okay to issue an unsolicited private message, and some other useful information. If you decide to bring a situation to network […]