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TLS [SSL] Setup On Various Clients

Here are some visuals on some popular clients to assist with setting up TLS connections in preparation for the February 1, 2018 change to going TLS-only on Cuff-Link. Feel free to submit support tickets with screenshots in any clients we don’t have here or request that we get some for you! Notes: If you already have TLS/SSL enabled, but you have boxes ticked that say “Accept invalid certificates”, untick them. Our certs are verified with […]

The IRC Client List

If you’re looking at this, then we have directed you to this post for some reason.  We have written tutorials for some of these, and we are working on more.  Since we don’t use every client, if your favorite adds one of these features, let us know! The basic information:  you’ll need to know a couple things when setting up most of the clients below. Server address: irc.cuff-link.mePort: 6697 Check boxes that say “Enable SSL” […]