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#musings Crashes #filth for an Erotic Round Robin Session

When we were coming up with a prompt for the special erotica writing session, Grool [one of our resident bots], piped up with this, so we ran with it: {18:13:08}{Grool} the giant flesh-eating demon squid has escaped! security! protect your master! GIR! Defensive mode! Rather than go with a tentacle monster, we went with just a simple sex demon. As usual, the posts have been altered to make the reading more cohesive. Cossette was present […]

Mibbit Authentication and Auto-Join

This is for identifying to NickServ without a Mibbit account and without issuing the identify command every time you connect manually: On the front page of, click “Launch Client” on the left, and you’ll be greeted by the above screen. For connect, scroll down to “Cuff-Link” and then click “Auth” to the right of it.  That will add the new box that says NickServ and a blank one – the blank one is for your NickServ password, […]

KVIrc – Basic Setup on Cuff-Link

KVIrc is a multi-platform client that is popular with scripters.  This howto is based on 4.2.0, the current stable version, and is available here for various OS’s – Windows is only 32-bit.  This howto just covers the basic adding of the server and authentication, but there is a lot of information on their website for themes and configuring layouts. **NOTE** As of 5/22, We’re now in the server list!  This is current to git pulls and […]

AdiIRC – Basic Setup on Cuff-Link

AdiIRC is a free client available for Windows and is well-known for being lightweight and supports portable mode.  Download is available from and this howto is based on version 2.3.  From the download link, there is 32 or 64-bit options, as well as portable mode for each – if you don’t know if you have 64-bit, then stick with the 32-bit.  This just covers the basic adding of the server and authentication, there are […]