As We Say So Long to Unreal and Welcome InspIRCd

We switched to InspIRCd this week from UnrealIRCd, so there are a few changes on the chat servers. Most of these will not affect you in any way, except for enhancing the way you can use the service.

This is an excellent time to visit your auto-joins, nick identification, and other perform settings in your client. Possibly even time to set some up. IRCCloud accounts support various perform functions, such as NickServ identification. We may not have every client memorized, however we will do our best to assist with setting those up anyway, and to help with the commands.

Feel free to visit #help with questions – however if we’re not currently active, leave us a message and preferred way to contact if needed, i.e. memo. #help is also open to idling now, so you can stick around if you like. Sensitive matters will be moved elsewhere, but the technical stuff should be shared!

New User Modes:

Umode +g – CallerID – pm blocker to go, which has a max of 32 entries. The server will notify you that a nick has attempted to PM, use /allow +nick to add the person to your allow list. Then you will see what they send going forward [not previously]. It will follow nick changes but not quits/reconnects, so it needs to be reset when that person comes back or when you disconnect and reconnect. This feature is useful for those who do not have a proper /ignore function in your clients or do not wish to install a PM blocker script. Set with /mode yournick +g

Umode +c – Must be in common channels to PM – if a user parts the channel, the pm is blocked. Set with /mode yournick +c

Umode +I – +p [private] has changed to +I which does not show any channels in whois, unlike +p, which showed common channels. If you want to show your channels, use /mode yournick -I and it will allow others to see the non-secret channels you are in that you are in. +I is automatically applied upon connect to Cuff-Link.

New Features and Expanded Features:

/uninvite nick – This reverses a /invite, and you can now specify a time that the /invite lasts for so it is not open indefinitely.

/remove nick #channel reason – an alternative to /kick

Channel Flood Protection – Joins, text floods, nick change floods, and other flood protection works differently than it did in Unreal, and we can help set this up in #help. We will soon post something on how to do this as well with more detail.

ExtBans – The syntax for the ~ bans has changed and options are expanded. For the best overall view see /helpop extbans

SASL – SASL now works reliably for NickServ identification; some clients will automatically try to use this feature, such as Colloquy. SASL via Blowfish and DES are available. To set up SASL in a client that supports it, use your NickServ account name (when you /whois yourself, you’ll see a “Is logged in as: [name]” line, and the [name] is your NickServ account) and your NickServ Password. mIRC can be set up to use SASL, but it requires some external add-ons to get it done.

SSL + NickServ: /ns cert – some clients support supplying a user-side SSL certificate, which can be used to automatically identify to NickServ without having to supply your password.

Oper Join – If a Network Oper needs to visit a channel on official business, usually to resolve and issue or to assist with a request, you will see “[Name] has joined the channel on network business” and be given a ! character to distinguish them from the other channel inhabitants.

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