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COVID-19 and Cuff-Link

By ClAdmin
As you are all aware, we are currently in the midst of a pandemic. While we have no inclinations to create rules surrounding the current situation, we are asking all of you to express empathy, sympathy and tact towards what … Read More

Cuff-Link Staff Q&A Session

By Hatred
Hello all! The Cuff-Link staff will be holding a Q&A session on Sunday April 2nd, at 15:00 EDT [That’s 3:00 P.M. Eastern]. We will be answering questions left in the comments of this post as … Read More

PSA - Crisis Text Line

By ClAdmin
The Crisis Text Line is an American organisation that employs volunteers who have to go through a training course to learn active listening skills in order to help people who are in crisis. While the organisation is not designed to … Read More