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Updates - October 30, 2021

By ClAdmin
The support site at is back up. We are working on potentially replacing the support site software with something more mobile-friendly. Please use the support site instead of emailing the support address – we are typically much … Read More

Updates - October 2021

By ClAdmin
We’ve experienced some issues with providers the last couple of weeks. First, Let’s Encrypt was having some issues, which coincided with our certificate renewals. Most clients should be fixed. However, mIRC is still refusing to validate the valid … Read More

Private Message Restriction

By ClAdmin
Due to several security-related factors, some including spam bots and abusive users, we have made the decision to only allow private messages by registered users. To register, use the following command: /ns register password [email protected] A confirmation code … Read More

A Beginner’s Guide to Channel Administration

By ClAdmin
Intro Cuff-Link offers channel administration services via Anope 2 IRC Services. Register your nick with NickServ and use a secure connection to the chat network - you’re now ready to start your own channel or join an existing ChanOp team … Read More

TLS [SSL] Setup On Various Clients

By ClAdmin
Here are some visuals on some popular clients to assist with setting up TLS connections in preparation for the February 1, 2018 change to going TLS-only on Cuff-Link. Feel free to submit support tickets with screenshots in any clients we … Read More

Entry is Consent Channels - Acceptable Use

By ClAdmin
For a long time, “Entry is consent” was used in channel topics and entry messages when a person joined. Submissives agreed to any form of use by dominants upon entry. Dominants agreed to be ‘broken’ upon entry. Consenting to hypnosis … Read More

Why You Should Move to Using Authentication

By ClAdmin
As many of you know, because you’ve either gotten caught in one yourself, have talked to others who have, or have seen the admins discussing it wherever, we use CIDR bans on Cuff-Link to help cut down on malicious … Read More

Proper Channel Registration

By ClAdmin
Cuff-Link uses Anope2 for services, which has been available for 2+ years now. Many people are still either using the old method of channel registration or registering the same way one might a nickname. Cuff-Link Administrators are no longer suspending … Read More

IceChat9 - Basic Setup on Cuff-Link

By ClAdmin
Continuing on our basic setups for clients that support SASL, IceChat has updated their ircv3 options in version 9.13 which appears to have corrected previous SASL issues. Grab the latest version [9.14 as of writing] from their website … Read More

KVIrc - Basic Setup on Cuff-Link

KVIrc is a multi-platform client that is popular with scripters. This howto is based on 4.2.0, the current stable version, and is available here for various OS’s - Windows is only 32-bit. This howto just covers the basic … Read More

Private Message Etiquette on Cuff-Link

By ClAdmin
We’re not sure if there’s something in the water recently that is causing people to open conversations in an inappropriate fashion or to respond in a way that is just as bad, if not worse. Here’s a … Read More

PSA - Crisis Text Line

By ClAdmin
The Crisis Text Line is an American organisation that employs volunteers who have to go through a training course to learn active listening skills in order to help people who are in crisis. While the organisation is not designed to … Read More

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