Cuff-Link Community Terms of Use

Cuff-Link Services [IRC chat servers and websites] are provided as free, public services to law-abiding adults [18+] to explore each other, their kinks, and form relationships in safety and security. However, you are not entitled to be here, and network staff may remove anyone for any reason, without explanation.

  1. Consent: Understand it, get it, stop whatever you’re doing if it’s revoked.
  2. Privacy: We take it seriously. Everyone’s. VPN/VPS are fine with registered nicknames. Proxies and evasion aren’t tolerated.
  3. Security: We work hard to secure Cuff-Link and its users. Do the same for yourself. Don’t share your passwords, impersonate anyone, or engage in blackmail or coercion.
  4. Clearly define expectations with your partners, and ensure you are aligned on whether it is role play-only or more to minimize misunderstandings and abuse.
  5. Underage, incest, bestiality, zoophilia, necrophilia, crush, and snuff play are prohibited.
  6. Discrimination: Don’t discriminate. Hateful and/or phobic behaviour is not tolerated.
  7. Nick and Channel Services: One email address. Max two nick groups with max of 42 nicknames each.

Support & Reporting: /join #help on the IRC network or file a ticket at

  • If reporting something, bring logs and screenshots, preferably immediately following the incident.
  • We cannot see private conversations, and we don’t actively monitor channels. We do encourage reporting of awful and illegal behaviour.