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Cuff-Link Community Policy
Cuff-Link Nickname Policy
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Cuff-Link Community Policy

Cuff-Link Services [IRC chat servers and website(s)] are provided as free, public services to anyone over 18 years of age. However, you are not entitled to be here, and entitled attitudes will not be tolerated. Network Staff reserves the right to remove anyone for any reason, without explanation. If any part of these TOS are unclear:

While this is a virtual environment, due to overlap between online and offline spaces, and on general principle, Cuff-Link staff treats the services as offline space and addresses issues in that manner. “It’s just the Internet” is not an acceptable reason for anything.

These TOS are subject to revision and change, with or without warning. We will notify users of changes to these TOS as soon as they are made via GLOBAL message on the Cuff-Link chat network, however it is your responsibility to keep appraised of the TOS as we cannot guarantee everyone will see announcements.

1. You must be 18 years of age or older to use Cuff-Link services. Persons who are found to be under the age of 18 will be denied access to services immediately upon failure to comply with proof of age requests and/or ceasing to portray themselves as underage. This is in accordance with the laws governing the locale of our base of operations, which is the USA. The laws governing your country of origin are irrelevant.

2. As Cuff-Link is for ADULTS ONLY, in addition to being over 18, you must not indicate or suggest in any way that any participating individual is under the age of 18. This applies to and includes, but is not limited to: fictional individuals, roleplay characters, and actual physical persons.

3. Consent is paramount on Cuff-Link. Consent must be gained for any play, especially CNC play. Complaints against users who do not gain consent for any activity, regardless of your perceived severity of the incident are taken seriously, and may result in a ban. Users should be clear to other users when they are not consenting, e.g. if you don’t want random touch, then say so; be clear about “no”, and if you’re engaged in CNC or any other more extreme play, establish a clear signal to end it. We expect civility from users. #help is always open to address concerns.

4. Some extreme forms of play, such as CNC [consensual non-consent], race play, cutting, scat, and vomit are permitted on Cuff-Link services, but they should be kept to private spaces unless otherwise indicated by channel or group owners.

5. We do not permit discrimination based on sex, race, colour, creed, national origin, religion, age, marital status, pregnancy, physical, mental or sensory disability, sexual orientation, gender identity, or any other factor based on genetics, health, or lifestyle choices involving consenting adults. Consenting parties may engage in discriminatory edge play, but consent must be explicit and should only happen in public spaces if all parties consent to be subjected to it. Any person or channel found to be engaging in actual discriminatory behaviour will be removed.

Exclusion does not necessarily equate to discrimination. Some chat channels and website groups exist for niche participants and prohibit certain members of other groups from entering. Language used to denote exclusion must not be hateful or discriminatory in nature.

6. Incest, bestiality, snuff, rape, blackmail, kidnapping, stalking, prostitution, crush, vore, and other illegal activities are not permitted whether actual or roleplay. However, any and all subjects are permitted as discussion Users found to be engaging in roleplay of this or coordinating offline activities of this nature will be removed. Please do not confuse these activities with TPE dynamics or play involving Daddy/Mommy dominants, babygirls/babyboys, pet play, furries, and the like.

7. Hypnosis-related channels and content is expressly for the entertainment of this sub-community only. Any claims otherwise, including but not limited to the diagnosis, cure, or control of any disease or disorder is not permitted. Users violating this policy are subject to removal. No hypno-related links should be portrayed as anything other than entertainment.

8. Spamming on any Cuff-Link service, with anything, including roleplay scenarios, whether harmless or malicious, will result in removal from the service(s). With regard to other, similar services to Cuff-Link: Users are permitted to speak about these services, but not spam them. Some channel and group owners prohibit users from this in their own space, which is at the discretion of the owners of these channels and groups.

9. BNC/Proxy/VPN use: We support users taking measures to protect their privacy, and so allow the use of relay services. However, you must notify us prior to using such a service to access Cuff-Link services. We will work with you to facilitate these connections – visit ticket or come to #help for assistance. We prefer these requests come via a support ticket, and we need all fields filled out correctly, including registered nickname if you have one. Unregistered nicknames mean fewer options.

  • Static IPs: choose the whitelist topic.
  • Dynamic Providers: choose the bypass topic.

Tickets filed with the incorrect topic may be delayed or closed for incomplete information. If we feel that an IP address or service poses a security risk or has been obtained illegally, we will not permit connections. We scan for proxy connections when you connect to our service. If you do not agree with this policy, do not connect to any Cuff-Link service.

10. Bot Policy: Channel owners and users are permitted the use of bots for entertainment or enforcement purposes. We require that bots be run from legally obtained hosts. Bots found on illegally obtained hosts or proxies will be banned.

All bots must have the mode +B assigned to them to designate them as bots. If your bot is incapable of setting modes on connect, but you have the ability to make the bot issue a umode command to the server, turn keepmodes on via NickServ.

The bot’s nick must be registered to its own nickgroup to do this, and this will use up your secondary email slot with NickServ [see NickName Policy below for more]. /join #help for assistance. Any user wishing to run a bot service that interacts directly with services or attempts to provide a service that mimics services, such as a botmail service, that is provided to users either in a private channel or to multiple channels should consult this post before proceeding:

11. Exercise mutual respect of fellow users, including Cuff-Link staff. Disputes with other users, including staff: Attempt to work it out amongst yourselves with civility. In the case of all disputes, regardless of position, staff is available to mediate. Users may request that a neutral Cuff-Link staff member should there appear to be a conflict of interest where another staff member is involved.

We require unedited, full context logs and/or screenshots to ensure the most accurate assessment of an incident. We will seek multiple log sources where deemed necessary. Any party refusing to cooperate with this process will be dealt with at the discretion of the staff, and staff reserves the right to not get involved.

Gossiping with perceived malicious intent, perpetuation of unnecessary drama, and other situations which cause undue extra effort on the part of the admins or other ongoing issues will be solved with a user or multiple users being removed from Cuff-Link services.

12. Channels are operated at the discretion of the channel owners, but Cuff-Link staff will intervene if they feel it necessary. Do not confuse channel level operations and network level operations. If a channel’s policy directly violates any of these TOS, provide logs, and staff will address the issue(s).

As long as a channel is not violating these TOS, channel operators and owners may remove you for any reason or no reason at all – as with Cuff-Link overall, you are not entitled to anything. Be aware that channels may have rules that are less lenient than these TOS, and Cuff-Link staff will uphold them if asked to intervene. To contest a channel  ban:

  • /cs info #channel all, obtain the founder’s name
  • Send a message via PRIVMSG – not recommended.
  • Send a message via MemoServ – recommended.
    • /cs ms send FounderName
    • /cs ms send [#channel] [message].

Do not harass the channel owner(s) or chanop(s) about a ban — they are not obligated to respond. Do not come to #help with complaints about a channel ban unless you can provide logs and/or screenshots to support a claim that a channel has violated these ToS as we will not interfere or mediate otherwise. Note: Harassing channel operators or network staff about anything, including channel bans, may result in a network ban.

13. Ban evasion: This is zero tolerance. Intentional ban evasion of a network ban or a properly set channel ban will result in a permanent ban from the network. Evading a ban to come to #help to ask about a ban is not the appropriate way to deal with a ban, neither is sending others to ask for you – file a ticket at This behaviour may result in a ban. **IF YOU KNOW YOU HAVE BEEN BANNED FROM A CHANNEL: Do not assume that the ban has been lifted if you are able to enter. Some setting could have been altered on your side automatically by the nature of how the Internet works.

Use memoserv to contact a channel to inquire or /join #help, and we can help you determine if a ban is still in place.** Admins receiving complaints will investigate the matter to determine whether suspected evasion appears deliberate or if it was the result of something beyond the user’s control and act accordingly.

14. Network Admins as ChanOPs and Channel Participants: Admins may serve in a dual capacity as ChanOPs, upholding channel rules and network rules at the same time. Users in violation of either will be dealt with in compliance with both. If an oper violates any portion of these rules, submit a support ticket at with all the supporting evidence in the form of logs or screenshots.

Admins and helpops are not entitled to participation in any channel unless joining on official network business. Helpops cannot join a channel in official network capacity using OJOIN, and are expected to be courteous and positively reflect Cuff-Link. However, they may speak in an official capacity on occasion and must state that their visit is in an official capacity  — if in doubt, /join #help and ask for an oper to be sure. If an admin enters a channel on official business, they will use OJOIN, which will announce them with: “[nick] joined on official network business”. Some clients do not show the message, but the admin entering with ojoin will have modes +Yo set on them upon entry.

If admins are forced to use the OJOIN command, there is an actual problem. Treat them with consideration while they are in the channel, and be aware that they may resort to shutting a channel down in the event users are hostile during a visit. Admins using ojoin or helpops joining and stating they are there at the behest of the admins are not subject to any channel rules demanding the use honourifics, providing age or gender, or any other channel-specific clause channels expect of regular users upon entry as it is not a social visit.

If an admin enters without OJOIN or a helpop joins without saying they are there in an official capacity, they are expected to adhere to channel rules.

15. Impersonation of staff, other users, or persons in positions of authority for any purpose whatsoever is not tolerated. Any user who suspects that another user is impersonating another should report it to #help immediately so staff may deal with the situation as quickly as possible. Impersonation results in an immediate, permanent ban from Cuff-Link Services.

16. Sharing of NickServ account passwords and/or Cuff-Link website account passwords is strictly prohibited. In the event a user is caught:

  • sharing their password;
  • sharing another user’s password;
  • or using a password that does not belong to them,

all compromised nickgroups and the nickgroup(s) of the user using the compromised password will:

  • be dropped from services
  • result in de-registering any registered channels associated with the dropped nickgroups,
  • and all users involved will be banned for a period of time from Cuff-Link.

This rule applies even in situations where a TPE relationship exists. There are other means for monitoring that circumvent the need for password sharing. Note — Channel registration does not require a password as it is tied to NickServ accounts. Attempting to register a channel with a password will cause services to expose the password in the channel description. When we see this, channels and the nickname of the person registering the channel will be dropped immediately as most people have the bad habit of using the same password for everything.

Cuff-Link Nickname Policy

1. Users may request, in the event that they will be away longer than the 90 days it takes for NickServ to drop nicks, that we suspend their nicks for a set period of time. You may request up to 5 nicks be suspended or a single nick group, if it exceeds 5 separate names. We may request that you willingly drop several of the names prior to issuing the suspension, but this is at the oper’s discretion. You may request a suspension at — choose the form from the drop down. Users seen on the chat server using other names during the suspension period will have the suspension removed and will be barred from the service in future.

2. “Serv” and “Serve” may not be used in a person’s identity anywhere, which includes nicks, idents, real names, and vhosts. Obviously, in the context of “serving” one’s partner, there will be leeway, but when it is too close to mimicking the names of Services, nicknames must be changed. However, as with the case of bots like PervServe, which used to be in #roleplayofallkinds, bot owners may formally request at permission to put “Serve” in a bot nick.

3. When Community members pass away, if staff is notified, we will put the person’s main nick(s) on noexpire, suspend, or forbid indefinitely as a memorial.

4. Bot nicks must be registered in a secondary nickaccount. However, even if a secondary nickaccount is used for a bot nick, users are still only permitted a maximum of two nickaccounts/nickgroups under a single email address, and we have no way of allowing regular users to override the 42 nick limit per group, so you will limit yourself to a max of 42 regular use nicknames and 42 bot names — regular users are not permitted to use bot mode.

5. You are permitted to have TWO nickgroups using ONE email address to register them. If we find multiple nickgroups with different email addresses that clearly belong to the same person, your nickgroups will be dropped, and you will be banned for 3 days from the network. A second infraction will result in a 30 day ban from the network, as well as nickgroups being dropped. A third infraction will result in a permanent ban from the network. Additionally, nicknames found to be registered with a temporary email address will be suspended or dropped at the discretion of the network staff — repeatedly registering nicknames with temporary email addresses will result in a ban from the network.

6. Use them or lose them. While we appreciate that some nicks are kept for sentimental value and no other reason, due to frequent complaints about nick hoarding, users must now use the names they’ve got registered. This means use them for at least a total of 1 hour in any given 90 day period. Staff will not be actively watching this, but will look into it if another user requests a nick be dropped for them that hasn’t been used in ages, but will only be done so at the oper’s discretion.

7. Nicknames must adhere to these ToS, and need to comply with acceptable community euphemisms used for certain play. For instance, and not limited to these examples, “bully”, “kidnap”, “chink”, “misogynist”, or “fag” are not permitted, however, “peril”, “asian”, and “black” are fine, assuming non-violating context. Nicknames inherently designed to throw consent out the window are not permitted.

Contextual situations will be considered by admins, however if it is determined that the context cannot be discerned just from reading the nickname, then admins will ask that it be changed immediately on a first offense. Users who ignore admins telling them to adjust nicknames to comply with the ToS or who continue to violate them after being told to comply may find themselves removed from the service without further warning.

If your nick is immediately changed to a Cuff#### name upon issuing /nick [nickname], then one of two things is happening:

  • Someone has the nickname registered already and has set KILL IMMED to ON
  • you are attempting to use a nickname that is forbidden.

When this happens, gain information with: /ns info [nickname] all — this command will tell you if a nick is registered or if it is forbidden.

8. “Daddy” and “Mommy” must be capitalised in nicknames to ensure that other users understand the context properly. Users who have been repeatedly told to make sure capitalisation is used and yet continue to not do so will be removed permanently.

9. If nicknames are seen in violation of the TOS, admins will forcibly change the nick or ask that it be changed. Users failing to comply with a nick change requirement or found reverting to the problem nickname immediately after it being changed will be banned.

Cuff-Link Website Use Terms

1. Any term stated above also applies to the usage of the Cuff-Link website portal and any Cuff-Link site reachable via the website portal, including but not limited to the chat network, social media website, and support site.

2. Users agree to take responsibility for any content they post to any Cuff-Link site reached via the website portal and it is understood that the user either owns the content and the rights to the content or they are redistributing the content with the appropriate permission of the owner of the content. Content includes, but is not necessarily limited to text and audiovisual media, and Cuff-Link is not held liable for any legal ramifications associated with the posting of copyrighted or trademarked media. If content is not owned by a user and the rightful owner of said content requests the content be removed, Cuff-Link will remove it without warning. Any user who has had content removed from Cuff-Link portals will also be prohibited from future use of the Cuff-Link portals if they re-post media that has been removed at the request of the rightful owner. All professional photos must include a watermark, or they will be removed — we will assume they are copyrighted and not used with permission by the owner of the photograph nor posted with the permission of the subject(s) in the photos.

3. Image and video links: with regards to reposting content from other social media websites such as Facebook, Instagram, or Fetlife, but not limited to these: If content posted from these sites is a direct image link of that of an individual or a group of individuals [not a page or group or some other such public organisation], and it is not owned by the user posting the content, the user may be subject to removal from Cuff-Link on the grounds of privacy violations. If the content is owned by a public page or group, the owner(s) of said groups may request content be removed, as stated above.

4. Direct image, video, or sound links that are not hosted on imgur, tumblr, or YouTube are prohibited [this list may be altered in future to account for other sites that do similar, and if in doubt, ask]. Picpaste links are at the discretion of the admins. Any link leading copyrighted material that does not state proper rights usage; containing images of people who are not the user posting them; or containing any subject matter in violation of the TOS, the user posting them will be removed with or without warning.

5. The above are not meant to prohibit friends from sharing their lives through images, video, and sound, so consideration is taken for these instances. However, this type of sharing must be done in private areas, whether in channels moded +i or private message. If any content is shared with the intent to harm any other individual, action will be taken.

6. The use of third party URL shorteners is permitted, but they are not recommended, and if found leading to any content that is in violation of anything in the entire TOS, including malicious software or websites, the user is subject to removal. Admins will occasionally put entire URL shortening services in the spamfilter, which will trigger a ban, in the event said service is found to be abused regularly by users to attempt to get around any of these TOS. Use of URL shorteners provided directly by a platform, such as or are acceptable, unless, of course, found to be linking to content that violates these TOS.

7. IRC clients, profiles, quit messages, part messages, and entry messages may not have URL shortener links or direct image links. Any link to a non-Cuff-Link profile that is in violation of the TOS may be met with immediate removal without warning, especially if it contains one of our zero tolerance items.