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Reality vs. Role Play

By ClAdmin
Many of us live our lives half-offline, half-online. The degree to which we form relationships between the two realms is personal choice. Some believe they are entitled to do whatever they wish and behave however they want without repercussion or … Read More

Controversial Kink Series - Consensual Non-Consent

By ClAdmin
Consensual Non-Consent or “CNC” is one of the more controversial forms of interaction that exists in BDSM/kink lifestyles and circles. The basic definition is that a person gives explicit consent for another person or group to do whatever they … Read More

Consensual Non-Consent, Safewords, and Overall Safety

By ClAdmin
Cuff-Link strives to be a safe kink/BDSM community. This includes emphasis on personal responsibility and attempting to keep predators away. Because of the nature of some BDSM and kink play, it’s important to address several factors to help … Read More