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The Cuff-Link Profile Bot Service has been revamped and has undergone a few changes. There are two tiers of profile bot service now.

  1. Free service available to all users with no requirements regarding channel numbers.
  2. Paid service [monthly, via Patreon patronage] that will allow members to request add-ons and customization to the profile bots.

Free Service:

The bot’s name is Ubiquitous. When a user who has a profile joins the channel, it will say this:

.<Ubiquitous>.  Intro that the user has set.  – !view NicknameOfUserWhoJustEntered to see the full profile!

Profiles fields in Ubiquitous are:

  • Intro
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Location
  • Position
  • Description
  • Limits
  • Kinks
  • Fantasy
  • Quote

Unlike before, there are no minimum user requirements to have Ubiquitous in your channel to serve profiles. If a user already has a profile in Ubiquitous, they won’t need to set up a new one in any channel the bot is serving profiles. Ubiquitous requires that users have a profile before they may view a profile. This was a feature added after polling both users and channel operators over a long period, and the general consensus was that it’s preferable that if people are viewing, they should also have something to view.

To have Ubiquitous in your channel, please visit and choose “Request Free Profile Bot” from the dropdown.

Custom Service:

NOTE: The custom service is on hiatus for the moment as we work on creating a new implementation to make deployment quicker and expand on features currently available. Below is remaining available for people who already have the bot and may wish to make changes. The service will be re-enabled for new Patrons once the new bot is functional.

Requirements & Details of Service:

  • $7/mo patronage via Patreon –
  • Once patronage is confirmed, we will get the bot ready to go live based on your requests from the options below, assuming we’ve received a support ticket from you with the required information.
  • Once patronage is successfully charged at the first of the month, we will bring the bot into your channel.
  • If patronage fails in subsequent months, the bot will be removed from your channel, however, it will not be destroyed. If you choose to continue patronage at a later date and want the bot back, we can simply reassign it to your channel.
  • The fee is a per-bot basis. If you want the same bot assigned to more than one channel, that is fine. If you want more than one custom bot, multiply the base patronage amount by the number of profile bots you require. Example: If you want 3 bots for 3 different channels, then patronage would be $21/mo. If you want two bots, each of them sitting in two channels, that’s still just two bots, so it would be $14/mo.


  • Fields – Age, Gender, Orientation, Kinks, Books, whatever else. [Note: We can add fields later or disable fields, but we can’t *delete* existing fields.
  • Intro Options:
    • No intro
    • Intro on entry
    • Optional channel greeting, ie: “Hello, [nickname]! Welcome to [#channel].
  • Ops – who should be allowed to delete profiles, must be registered nicknames with op status on the channel.
  • Bmotion – yes or no
  • Channel protection/flood protection – on or off
  • Voicing users:
    • Do nothing
    • Voice with profile [will devoice if user switches to a nickname without a profile]
    • Voice with lower-case nick
    • Voice with upper-case nick
  • Bot’s nickname, ident, vhost, and realname
  • Rules – yes or no; if yes, provide a list of rules for your channel
  • Pick a Unicode character for field separation from here:
    • Hover over the symbol you want and provide the U+#### code.
    • Examples of unicode characters: ❖ ⌘ ♫
  • Pick a colour scheme. We recommend using a single colour for highlights on field names and nicknames, as more colour will limit the amount of characters a person can use in their responses. If you want two colours, it is okay, but we’ll adjust the character limits accordingly. Keep in mind, most people use either white or black screens, so whichever colours you choose should be readable on both.
  • Channel logging — we can enable the bot to log all activity on the channel. The advantage to this is that if ops and owners can’t be around when incidents occur, they can simply retrieve the logs from us and look at them themselves. This option is off by default.

If you want a custom profile bot, please visit and choose Custom Profile Bot Request from the dropdown menu.

How it works:

  • Step 1: Pledge the required amount for a custom bot at Patreon:​​
    [We will not proceed until we see a confirmed pledge, and we recommend you put in your pledge 2-3 weeks prior to the actual charge date at the first of the following month so we have plenty of time to work out the options.]​
  • Step 2: Fill out the Custom Profile Bot Request form at and submit it after you’ve made your pledge. If we do not see a pledge, we will not start work on the bot.
  • Step 3: Wait until your pledge processes successfully at the first of the month. Once it does, we’ll bring the bot into your channel.

Profile Bot Commands

User Commands:

(Please note: The bot will ask you to fill in fields without using the traditional !age, !sex, etc commands. The reason for this is so that users may take advantage of higher character limits. The bot will also give the character limit for each field.)

!setup – start profile creation dialogue.
!update – update an existing or started profile.
!release – close an update session.
!remove – remove your profile. The bot will PM with a confirmation request.
!view [nick] – view a proflie. Users may insert their own nick as well to view their own profiles.
!rules – view the channel’s rules, if set.

Advanced ‘Op’ Features:

!flush – closes all open sessions.
!delete [nick] – deletes the profile in question.
!sessions – view current open sessions.

[NOTE: All channels that currently have a custom profile bot provided by us do not need to become patrons. We are on the verge of needing to expand our infrastructure to accommodate more service-related options, which is why we’re choosing to have a free, universal bot service and a paid option for customization at this time.]

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