Extended Bot Policy

For users wishing to provide various bot services, such as profiles, relay bots, botmail, trivia bots, channel protection services, and anything else that mimics existing services or interacts directly with existing services, the following must be followed:

  1. Do not put a bot in channels until you get the permission of the owner(s) or at the very least the chanops. Preferably, you will come to #help to notify staff that channel admins in any given channel wish to have your bot in there or have them put the bot on the access list in some capacity. This is to help mediate any potential issues that may arise in future from the presence of the bot in a channel.
  2. For botmail and channel protection bots or any other service that is providing a service that is already provided by services, please issue a disclaimer warning people that:
    • The service is not associated with Cuff-Link in any way.
    • If it’s a messaging service, a disclaimer to be careful with potential issues with unregistered users attempting to impersonate registered users, and that messages are not generally encrypted in the same manner as official services are. **Note — All of Cuff-Link’s official services databases are encrypted and all data is sent over SSL connections.**
    • Bots coexisting in channels that have BotServ assigned must have a different command for !help, since this is the command services responds to.
    • Bots providing messaging, the command must not resemble anything MemoServ uses, so using !memo or !mssend or such variations are not acceptable.
  3. Relay bots, such as Discord bots or bots that relay channel messages to other IRC servers, must be run with a disclaimer in the topic or as an entry message that states: [YourBotNickHere] is a relay bot that will relay messages from Cuff-Link to third party entities that do not have the same privacy and security policies – if you do not want your interaction in this channel relayed to other services, you should exit this channel.
  4. As always, bots must be moded +B. To do so, add the following command to the bot’s perform function for on-connect. If the bot doesn’t have a perform capability, then we may remove the bot at any time from the network due to it not showing as a bot in its /whois information. This mode is case sensitive:
    • /mode [botname] +B
  5. Bots must run on home connections or legitimate, paid servers.

Thank you,
CL Admins.

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