SASL Setup for HexChat

By Hatred
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While this is specifically for setting up SASL on Cuff-Link using HexChat, this tutorial should work for any network that offers SASL connections to users.

This is assuming that you already have a connection setup for Cuff-Link.

1. Open the Network List:

Open the Network List.

2. Choose Cuff-Link and Edit…:

Make note of what you named Cuff-Link, as your .pem file must have the same name, then click on “Edit…”

3. Make sure your “User name” is the same as your NickServ account name, then select SASL (username + password) from the Login method dropdown:

Select SASL (username + password) from the Login method dropdown

4. Enter your NickServ password into the Password field, and then click “Close”:

Put in your NickServ password and click close.

5. Make sure Cuff-Link is still the selected server, and click “Connect”:


6. You will know that authentication is successful by seeing the following lines in your connect dialogue:


Successful authentication in connect dialogue

If you do not see them, and NickServ is asking for your password, it means authentication failed. This is what it looks like when kill immed is on and the password is incorrect. If you have regular kill protection on or kill quick on, you have enough time to manually identify to NickServ:


Authentication failed with kill immed on.
Notices regarding unsuccessful authentication with kill immed on.

Additional Notes regarding KILL IMMED:

Be aware that if you have kill immed turned on and you change your password, forget to update it in your settings, and subsequently forget the password, you will need to come to #help or file a ticket at to get help. We will simply turn kill off and help you go through the password reset via NickServ.

Q: Why does the URL say mIRC in it?
A: Because we don’t believe in breaking links. We no longer support mIRC, and to that end, have removed tutorial information from this post as it was confusing to users coming to #help asking for more help where we do not help with mIRC-related questions.