Cuff-Link Events Calendar

We’ve implemented a system for adding your channel’s events to the Cuff-Link Events Calendar.

There is a form located at our support site,, where you may request your event be added to the calendar here on the blog. Events can be recurring or one-time events, but we will need to know which in order to add you to the calendar.

Additions to the calendar should be submitted using the “CL Event Calendar Addition” form.
Removals from the calendar should be submitted using the “CL Event Calendar Removal” form.

Here are the guidelines for your event additions:

  1. In order to be included in our globals on the chat network, we need to know of the event at least 24 hours in advance.
  2. It is first come, first serve for the globals, so if you plan an event at the same time as another event, whether recurring or not, the original event will receive the global message, however your event will still be placed on the calendar as well and a mention will be made for people to check out the calendar for other events.
  3. Eventually, should the event calendar prove to be popular, we will send out two global per day advising that there are events happening: one around noon Eastern, give or take, and one prior to the evening events, generally just before 21:00 Eastern. If we have several events on a single day in a row, we will send out a global prior to the start of the first one. For instance, if we have events starting at 17:00 Eastern and going in succession until 01:00 Eastern, then we will send out a single global approximately 5-15 minutes prior to the first event.
  4. Events should last about an hour in order to be given a global, but events lasting any amount of time may be added to the calendar.
  5. Please describe to us what your event is in as much detail as possible so we may include the information on the calendar.
  6. Please include rules to games, if the event is a game; conduct requirements/preferences in general; and feel free to request that we create a blog post about your game/activity if it will be a recurring thing.
  7. If, at any time, your event is no longer happening, please let us know via the support ticket system.
  8. Please remember, all events must adhere to Cuff-Link’s Terms of Service.
  9. Give us the date/time of your event, and if it will be recurring, let us know what the frequency of recurrence will be.
  10. Use the support ticket site to have your event added to the calendar. Important note: Any user caught spamming a channel event in another channel will ensure that event/the channel holding the event will not be considered for addition to the calendar for 3 months, and the user who does the spamming/organises the spamming may be subject to a ban from the network for a week to 3 months, depending on the amount of spamming that was done.

Any changes to this will be updated periodically, and we will send out a global advising that changes have been made or use MemoServ on the chat network to contact people directly if needed.

We look forward to adding your events to the Cuff-Link Events Calendar!


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