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Updates - October 30, 2021

By ClAdmin
The support site at is back up. We are working on potentially replacing the support site software with something more mobile-friendly. Please use the support site instead of emailing the support address – we are typically much … Read More

Privacy and Interaction

By ClAdmin
This shouldn’t have to be said, but here we go. Cuff-Link is a BDSM and kink friendly community. As long as the acts folks partake in are good fun and consensual, we accept all kinds. This includes people who … Read More

Updates - October 2021

By ClAdmin
We’ve experienced some issues with providers the last couple of weeks. First, Let’s Encrypt was having some issues, which coincided with our certificate renewals. Most clients should be fixed. However, mIRC is still refusing to validate the valid … Read More

Revised Terms of Service (TOS) Posted

By ClAdmin
Hello Cuff-Link, After many months of consideration and revision, we are finally releasing the revised version of the Terms of Service (TOS). The main difference is that many of the items in the previous version are no longer explicitly stated … Read More

Using KiwiIRC on Cuff-Link

If you require a web based client that allows you to just put in a nickname and connect, you can use KiwiIRC. Registered Users (Recommended for everyone with a registered nick account) … Read More

Cuff-Link Network Update

By ClAdmin
Hello, We have finished updating the network to InspIRCd 3. InspIRCd 2 is end of life beginning June 2020 after a decade. InspIRCd 3 uses IRCv3 protocols (updated IRC for modern times), which provides better security and more advanced features … Read More

COVID-19 and Cuff-Link

By ClAdmin
As you are all aware, we are currently in the midst of a pandemic. While we have no inclinations to create rules surrounding the current situation, we are asking all of you to express empathy, sympathy and tact towards what … Read More

Discontinuing Mibbit Use on Cuff-Link

By ClAdmin
We have only made one decision in the past regarding outright disallowing a client to be used on Cuff-Link, but the time has come to disallow a second. On November 15, 2019, it will not be possible to connect to … Read More

Changes to Auth Servers

By ClAdmin
More changes were implemented. You can now use: Server: Port: 7797 Enable SASL and connect with a registered nickname. no longer works. Important: If you have received the message that "regular connections are not … Read More

Private Message Restriction

By ClAdmin
Due to several security-related factors, some including spam bots and abusive users, we have made the decision to only allow private messages by registered users. To register, use the following command: /ns register password [email protected] A confirmation code … Read More

A Beginner’s Guide to Channel Administration

By ClAdmin
Intro Cuff-Link offers channel administration services via Anope 2 IRC Services. Register your nick with NickServ and use a secure connection to the chat network - you’re now ready to start your own channel or join an existing ChanOp team … Read More

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