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We’ve created a new channel, #musings, for round robin story telling. It’s pretty simple. Someone comes up with a setting, and then posting order is the order of nicks who are op’ed up. If a person isn’t writing or just wants to observe, they remain de-opped. The first person starts off with a paragraph, a single sentence, whatever, and then the writing happens. This was our first session with a new group of people. The channel is open at all times, and we’ll come up with a better system for those who are writing and those who are not, just in case people who are op’ed aren’t around at that time. Anyway, here’s the first “story”:

The setting, as given by HedonistSlut [Plushious]: bamboo forest in japan. with a koi pond. and a small rock wall around the perimater of a clearing.

{Domina} :: The entity slips through the water of the tiny koi pond, growing in size and solidity as it nears the shore, the moonlight shining through the slips of bamboo swaying gently in the wind. Its yellow eyes, the hue resembling raw egg yolk flit from side to side, quickly taking in the short wall. Eyes narrowing, it begins to emerge from the pond.

{HedonistSlut} Upon the front of the the house sits a young woman in kimono, blissfully unaware of the entity eying her. She sighs, wondering what the night will bring and if the rumors of the magic of the blush color moon really are true. She turns to the pond to catch the reflection of the moon and eyes the entity

{InkedKarma} The being, knowing it is but a second from being discovered in its true form, skirts snakelike off into the bamboo, nothing but silence and a few small waves in its wake. Edging through the bamboo slowly but lithely, it nears the young woman, putrid eyes taking in her pale skin aglow in the moonlight, its blood burning hot as it reaches the edge of the house and pauses for a moment, taking in the woman in her entirety.

{narcissistic`babybitch} The woman’s eyes widen in terror as the shape resolves before her, and she starts to shrink back away from the thing. The alien nature of the silhouette makes her shudder involuntarily.

{Rampant} In the darkness that is the mind of a barely sentient bag of slime a glimmer of pleasure flickers. A wetness and hardness that go together to make something altogether new and unknown. The woman steps into the pond, peering in the light of the moon at the movements there, drawn by something she cannot explain, something that intrigues and disgusts her. The skin of the thing oozes a liquid from beneath its scales, a potion unknown to man.

{tisblondyme} The woman blinks, and blinks again. Her Grandmother warned her about this. She’s heard the tales of what may happen when the moon and planets align. The creature narrows it’s gaze on her and she takes a step back, not quite believing her eyes. A little bit scared, but more curious as to what this creature is, what it may do, and wondering if it isn’t just an illusion brough on by the reflection
of the moon and all the saki she had with her evening meal.

{Domina} The creature draws in a deep breath, the liquid dripping from beneath its scales is hot to the touch. Hot enough that it begins to steam when as it starts to advance very slowly on the woman. Its thoughts less foggy now than when it chose to exit the koi pond. The woman, though with almost girlish features, as though she’s caught between the cusp of adulthood and the formative years, the wild, reckless years of discovery. It scents her and knows that she is beyond that. Young yet, relatively speaking. She should make a fine prize for his small hoard of human treasures.

{HedonistSlut} :: The girl, whose name is Harumi, takes a a few steps backward toward the perceived safety of her house. She wished she had not been so curious about the blush colored mood and wonders if its magic has called forth the creature. Continuing to cautiously step backward as the creature seemingly stares into her soul, she missteps and tumbles to the ground, stabbing her side with a sharp rock. She muffles a scream as the creature narrows its yellow eyes and flares it tiny red nostrils. She wonders if it smells her blood which is now spreading across the bright pink silk kimono.

{narcissistic`babybitch} R’thrkz (pronounced rathakarz) then remembered his name in that instant as her terror enriched his senses like a heady wine, to put his feelings in the terms of men. Her terror radiated off her in hot waves of maroon to his eyes, which could see in frequencies that would madden any mortal mind. His purpose was clear. To propagate his people, and begin his empire anew, he would need to copulate with a human host.

{Rampant} The smell of her fear and blood causes thick snaking probiscus to emerge from its leathery hide. R’thrkz snakes across the short space between them and quickly is upon her. She wavers from maroon to yellow and back as she screams and screams, lower and lower as the hot stenching liquid oozes onto her skin

{tisblondyme} Harumi feels R’thrkz’s reptilian like skin make contact on her arm with a little shudder. Her eyes widen even more, surprized at the tingle on her skin as the creature’s oozing liquid makes contact. Suddenly, Harumi can’t move and her voice freezes in her throat. She’s terrified. She doesn’t want to become another unwilling victim of this creature. Her family would be shamed, dishonored, and
she has only just begun her own life. There is a young man who waits for her, who expects an unsoiled virgin in their wedding bed. Why did she have to come out to sit by the pond to cool off, and why did she have to partake of so much saki at dinner?

{<Domina>} :: R’thrkz’s sees the girl’s thoughts, or rather the essence of her emotions coming off of her in a kaleidoscope of colour. Something that looks like worry wafting in pink. His eyes narrow as he sees the ruby hue signifying loyalty to another, to a man. Family ties swirl about that in an undertone of purple. Oh, yes, this one is yet unsoiled, he can smell that too, as well as that noxious beverage these people fawn all over. Saki. That’s what it’s called. No matter, that’ll wear off before he tastes her. He advances again, no thought to her feelings, to the shame he’ll cause her. She’ll get over that soon enough, and if she doesn’t, no matter. She’s probably the perfect receptacle, and he realises in an instant as he glances toward the house that the old woman is watching, and he knows that while the young girl’s ruby loyalty is probably for some young man she thinks she’s promised to, the old woman had to have sent her out here for him. This pond, this house, for generations he’s emerged during the same moon every cycle, and every cycle, someone is waiting.

{Bastet} :: The girl can only lay crumpled on the ground, terrified, as the creature uses it tongue to flick the edge of her kimono, tasting the ruby essence wafting off her skin. His saliva drips onto her legs, changing her emotions from fear to anticipation of pleasure. A strangled cry escapes from her paralyzed throat as R’thrkz inches across her body, flicking away her kimono with his tongue, claws, and tail. The old woman watches from behind a small tear in the screen, lips twitching in appreciation and a fascination for what is to come.

{tisblondyme} Harumi shakes her head, still half believing this is some sort of halucination brought on by being inebriated. Trying to clear her head of this creature now looming over her. Her skin begins to heat and tingle more as R’thrkz’s flesh and more of the oozing liquid comes in contact with her skin. R’thrkz can sense Harumi’s inner turmoil, her fear easing away, but not entirely. No one has ever dared touch her this way, and certainly no one has ever seen her naked in this manner. The old woman gives a slight nod as she watches, knowing the girl will calm now and accept the fate that has been handed down for centuries. Knowing the effect of the creature’s oozing liquid, calming Harumi’s fear and revulsion to what’s happeneing to her.

{Domina} :: The noxious, yellow drippings begin to shimmer in the moonlight as he sees the old woman giving that faint nod in the slip of the window. Harumi, raised to uphold her family’s honour, struggles with the silent acceptance of her grandmother with what is about to happen to her, and she takes a single, resolute step toward the being in front of her. The maroon of her terror is palpable to R’thrk’s senses, but he watches as it slowly starts to dissipate, knowing that any moment this will become easy. He will receive his due, and he too takes another step forward, his tail twitching behind him, knowing that his reptilian beauty, though strange and ethereal in a way, is starting to sink through the girls terror and turn into something entirely different. Acceptance blooms in Harumi’s eyes as she lifts her other foot to close the distance a bit more, but a scream fills the air; a small, female body hurtles through the door of the house. R’thrkz snaps his head to the left, his eyes widening at this interruption to the ritual as a woman who is probably Harumi’s mother, judging by her age flies toward him and his prize.

{Plushious} :: Akumi tries to launch herself between the creature and Harumi, but the creature is too fast. He wraps his tail around his prize and quickly bounds to the pool, sinking quickly to the bottom and leaving only a golden glittery trail in his wake. The grandmother nods, disappointed to miss the sacrifice, but please it will occur nonetheless. As Harumi sinks to the bottom with the creature, she fears her imminent death until she realized the creature has now turned and began swimming upward. She believe she is being taken to the caves under the mountains.

{tisblondyme} Akumi screams and slaps at the water as her daughter and the creature disappear under the surface of the pond. She had hoped to break the cycle of tradition and spare her daughter the fate of baring the creature’s offspring. She turns, cursing at the old woman at the window for plying Harumi with saki at dinner and suggesting she cool off by the ancient koi pond at the back of their property.
Meanwhile Harumi is being swept away, feeling like her lungs will burst from the pressure of the water and lack of air. R’thrkz suddenly sufaces with Harumi held tight. Harumi gasps and coughs and spits water as the creature walks to the edge of the water in the cave. Harumi stops coughing, still fearful, but amazed at the glowing walls of the cave casting an ethereal glow, making everything seem to shine and glimmer as the water reflects the light.

{Domina} Akumi eventually settles down in her rage and sorrow over the loss of her only daughter to tradition. Her rage turns inward, as she could have stopped this. Sent Harumi away to school, to another continent entirely, encouraged her to never return. The old woman exits the house eventually with a warm shawl, drawing her daughter upward into her arms and murmuring senseless platitudes, pleased that the ritual has gone well. She glances over her shoulder to the koi pond where the water continues to ripple, anticipating the moment several months hence when the gift of new life, not quite human, will be waiting to be brought into her family, wondering if this will be the night she tells Akumi the full story of her heritage. Perhaps, but for now, it can wait.

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