#musings Round Robin Writing Rules

By ClAdmin
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A global will go out on Cuff-Link when we are going to start #musings writing sessions with a time for when writing sessions are beginning. There will be a 10-15 minute time period to allow us to get organised, come up with a prompt, and elect someone to time the writers.

  1. All people who are + (voiced) will be writing, those without will be observing. Some of the ops will be writing as well and will change status to remove ~&@ and add + in order to participate. [We will be implementing a bot at some point for people to use to join/exit the posting order, and which will be used to time participants.]
  2. Posting order will be in order of the voice list, but may not necessarily start with the person who is in the top of the list.
  3. We have created a list of genres, settings, and writing prompts, which is located [here]. If you wish to submit your own suggestions, please use [this form].
  4. Writing sessions will be twice per day at 0900 Eastern and 1900 Eastern – we may do sessions outside of those times as well.
  5. While the purpose of the writing is not to write porn, erotic themes and scenarios are perfectly acceptable. A hint of the sexual or even a story about some alternate society where mores and  principles may be different than what is the status quo is okay. Describing a creature that may be sexually driven or even have strange mating rituals is also okay. Avoiding writing what amounts to a porn script is what is being strived for.
  6. Because we are story writing and not role playing, it will be considered for ‘intellectual purposes’ under the Cuff-Link TOS, which means that any subject matter is permitted. However, if any of the participants are uncomfortable with a theme, then they may change it during their turn or observers may also request that the subject be changed within the story. In an effort to smooth the transition away from a topic and get the story back on track, it may take several rounds to get off that topic within the story.
  7. Everyone gets a time limit of 2 minutes to write. When told it’s time, you must hit enter even if your thought isn’t complete, and the next person will continue where you left off, even if it is in the middle of a sentence. One person will be delegated to keeping time and post order. The person doing the timing will say: [nick] start and then [nick] stop. The person doing the timing will give a 30 second warning prompt when time is nearing.
  8. There will be 5 rounds of 2 minutes per person. Sometimes people will leave and come back or just leave altogether. If you’ve left during a round, then you will be skipped for that round. The person who wrote the first paragraph will also write the last, closing paragraph of the story.
  9. #musings writings will be posted on the Cuff-Link blog once the round is completed, so if you want to use a different nick for it, please change it prior to the start.
  10. Because we are writing a story and not engaging in scening, please use regular text instead of /me.
  11. Interjections and comments should be put into [] or () so it does not interfere with the story text.
  12. While these stories are essentially improv, please make note of story details and don’t change them up in a way that doesn’t make sense. For example: If one person indicates that a character is 26, don’t later say she’s about to turn 25 or if it is established that a character is black, don’t later reference their lily white skin.