KVIrc – Basic Setup on Cuff-Link

KVIrc is a multi-platform client that is popular with scripters.  This howto is based on 4.2.0, the current stable version, and is available here for various OS’s – Windows is only 32-bit.  This howto just covers the basic adding of the server and authentication, but there is a lot of information on their website for themes and configuring layouts.

**NOTE** As of 5/22, We’re now in the server list!  This is current to git pulls and will be in upcoming compiled versions.  Simply scroll down to Cuff-Link in the server list and modify your nick/identification in step #3 below.

1. After install on startup, we’re greeted with the Servers list:

To add a new network, click the globe icon on the right, and then type in the name in Network: and it will automatically alphabetize.

2. Next we tell it where we want to go:

Next click the second icon on the right to add a server to the Network, with Server: irc.cuff-link.me and then click Advanced to proceed to filling in the specifics.

3. In the Advanced section:

This screen is really boring, since all that is required is the Nickname and Alternate.

4. Continuing on the details:

Click on Connection, and if you want to use SSL to connect, then change the Port: to 6697 and check Use SSL Protocol.

5. Next click on Join Channels if you want to set up autojoins for your favorites already in place, otherwise proceed to Advanced:

In order to use SASL, check the Query extended capabilities on connect, and then check Authenticate via SASL extension. The SASL Nickname must be a registered nick, and the password is the same as nickserv, then click OK to save.

6. After clicking OK to save there, click ‘CONNECT NOW’ to get connected.  Next the favorites dialog will pop up:

This is like the favorites. There are recent channels and you can type channels in the first box under “Name:” and click Register to add them to your favorites list – seen as Registered Channels. The second box is used if a channel has a key set. NOTE: This has nothing to do with services.  Uncheck Show this window if you already have channels in autojoin.

That is just the basics and there is much more.  KVIrc is quite capable when it comes to visual effects and customization, and there is a lot of information on their website, including screenshots of various themes.

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