#musings Crashes #filth for an Erotic Round Robin Session

When we were coming up with a prompt for the special erotica writing session, Grool [one of our resident bots], piped up with this, so we ran with it:
{18:13:08}{Grool} the giant flesh-eating demon squid has escaped! security! protect your master! GIR! Defensive mode!

Rather than go with a tentacle monster, we went with just a simple sex demon. As usual, the posts have been altered to make the reading more cohesive. Cossette was present for some of it, and gave us our title for the story. References are inserted as follows:

[1] Dino`Sire
[2] kaywin
[3] ropewhore
[4] g

Unfathomable Cocks

[1]Cassandra sighed and pushed the bridge of her glasses up her nose as she looked at the control panel. Green across the board. Every horror was safely in its place, locked away under the cabin. The Buckner family zombies were upstairs, of course, wreaking havoc on the unsuspecting teenagers, but that was in accordance with plan. Her personal charge, the eight foot-tall humanoid demon web hurler, seethed but stayed motionless in his locked enclosure. Watching over Grool was tedious and unenviable work, but she took solace in that she was doing her part to protect the world.

Suddenly [2]Grool stood in its cell. Grool was neither male nor female, for in the place beyond life or death or matter or energy where Grool originated, male and female had no meaning. It would be released, soon… released to feast. Again. Its emotions about this were indescribable, just as its physical being and all its emotional states were indescribable. Soon, it knew… but no. Something else was going to happen. Something… unexpected.

[3]Cassandra kept a wary eye on Grool while trying to focus attention on her monitors. It seemed restless, but it was hard to tell just what the demon was experiencing at any given time, and she was thankful for the pendant on the silver chain at her throat for protection from the being. Although, there were times when she felt a coiling of heat low in her belly at the thought of the things Grool might do once unleashed. Her thoughts meandered through the possibilities for a moment before she noticed that the zombies had broken off into three groups. This manoeuvre had effectively separated three of the teenagers from one another, and they were about to get a bit of a shock.

These weren’t your typical flesh eating zombies. They craved something a little less in the way of substance and a little more in the realm of sensation. She wondered if any of them had come into enough contact with the saliva yet to feel its unusual arousal effect. She glanced away from the two boys and single girl for a moment to have a look at the other monitors to see where the second girl was, and as her eyes flitted across the bank of six monitors, she finally found her running down a hall on the first floor toward the [1]stairs. The stairs up.

“Stupid,” she said aloud, her mind expounding. Why did they have to be so stupid? Upstairs, she’d be even easier to corner. As the heel on the girl’s shoe snapped on the third step, she crashed down and the zombie grabbed her ankle. Cassandra watched the monitor, her air of dismissal and judgement slowly giving way to something else. Jealousy? Grool stayed in it’s place, standing and watching her eyes. His normally-burning rage gave way to a quiet intensity, and Cassandra could feel her the warmth between her legs rising.

She slipped her hand down, lifting the hem of her skirt and drawing two fingers along her cotton-covered cunt. Onscreen, the zombie had climbed up the shrieking teenager’s leg, drawn its tongue along her thigh and settled between her legs. The girl’s eyes floated closed, and Cassandra knew she was enraptured by the zombie’s intoxicating saliva. Jealousy. She pushed her fingers under her panties, releasing a new wave of wetness. Grool snarled in his cage, and watched.

[2]The girl didn’t last long under the zombie’s tongue. They never, never did. It was what came AFTER the zombies got them that was interesting. Screaming, thrashing, legs wrapped around the creature’s neck, she came, and the creature tumbled away from her with its own sound of satisfaction. It took a few moments for the girl to stir, and finally she rose. Moving away from where she’d been caught. Not fleeing, not any more. Looking for [3]something else. Something that Cassandra couldn’t quite put her finger on. She zoomed in on the girl, seeing in her eyes – a hunger, a desire – not as obvious as the zombies who had come for her, who had made her come, but one colder, one darker, one…more determined. Cassandra breathed heavily, swallowing, seeing the lust in the girl’s eyes as her nostrils flared, her hands against her skin, moving down her legs, towards her sex.

Cassandra’s own movements mimicked that, the growling of Grool behind getting more desperate as Cassandra fiddled with herself, pushing against the mound on the panties as she watched the newly sex-crazed zombie girl find herself, pleasure herself in the middle of the corridor… Cassandra groaned out, feeling herself on the edge, watching the girl as she moaned, heaved, moved herself closer to climax and just as she was on the edge… she opened her eyes and stared, directly into the camera, directly into Cassandra’s eyes, so straight and piercing it almost made her fall off her chair. Could she know?

[4]It was almost as though the girl sensed here watching, but then she realised that with Grool beginning to stir more intensely, this new zombie for the pack was likely just noticing the strangeness of the electronic device. Cassandra watched the girl shamble up the stairs toward the room with her former friends. The girl would head for whichever of the two boys she was paired off with. Cassandra knew this. They always seemed to come in even-numbered groups. Sometimes, there would be four males, sometimes a couple of them would be paired off. Sometimes it was groups of six. Her mind wandered when a dozen or so came to the cabin several months before. Her fingers plucked almost idly at her damp sex, and

Grool began to pace in its confines. Cassandra watched the girl half-crawl, half-walk up the stairs. The girl was so consumed with the narrow-minded purpose of consuming more sensation, more release, that she hadn’t thought to remove her shoes to even her gait. It was inconsequential. One way or another, she would find the rest of her former group. She would, Cassandra predicted as she absently strummed her fingers, heightening her own sensation, push past whichever zombies had cornered her boyfriend in order to consume him herself with greedy, needful intention. So rapt was Cassandra on the sensation she was giving herself and on watching to see if her prediction would prove true, she did not notice the way Grool was pacing, the way it was focusing on her instead of wildly trying to get out of its confines to ravage the intruders…

[1] Cassandra’s mind was truly elsewhere. It was as if, somehow, the deeply-ingrained text of the testament had been bleached from her brain. The Whore, The Fool, The Scholar, The Athlete, and The Virgin were to receive mind-numbing pleasure during this production. Each in their time, in their particular order. The technological spell that held back the unchosen monsters in their pens was dependent on the abstinence of its producers during the game. That was the first thing and most important thing they all learned, and yet somehow Cassandra had completely forgotten. She found her clit again, sighing a whimper that culminated in a whine. The sound drew the attention of Grool again, and Cassandra found her blue eyes lifted from the screens in front of her, locking into Grool’s red ones. It was menacing, awesome and terrible. Cassandra’s mind flooded with thoughts of what those powerful muscles would do to her if given the chance as she felt the waves of the world-damning orgasm cresting.

[3]Her eyes locked with Grool’s – its own filled with a kind of red animalistic hue, a burning, hateful passion that clamped onto hers and held her in a kind of trance. She gasped, finding herself unable to blink, that passion coursing through her body the animal snarled. A lick of the lips from Grool, a knowing smile. No. Not knowing. It couldn’t be knowing. It was an animal, a thing, not capable of thought, logic, breaking free. And yet, those muscles, those powerful throbbing muscles that pulled at its bonds – imagining the sheer power, the pain, the cruelty that they could inflict on her… she turned around and stared it right in the eyes, standing up, and shuffling a bit closer, to feel its breath on her, hoping that maybe somehow that lust, that dominance, that total animalistic supremacy could aid her in pushing her over the edge, into that mindcrushing orgasm.

Of course if she had kept her eyes open, and her body slight further away, she might have noticed [4]that her own arousal, her own response to what was going on around her had caused some sort of malfunction in the system. The caged creatures that were supposed to release as certain things occurred were becoming free simultaneously. She might have noticed that the wraiths tucked away in the small library had slipped free and were heading toward the room with the zombies. This was never supposed to happen. The wraith’s saliva interacted with the corpse ash of the wraiths in horrific ways. Sometimes the mixture caused mind-numbing arousal, other times it burst into flames, there was even one experiment where it had simply caused everything within a half-metre radius to disintigrate.

The three jars sitting atop the mantle of the fireplace in the sitting room began to vibrate, and there emerged three djinn. Each providing wishes that would always prove to be fulfilled with salacious or erotic intent. They should never come into contact with the zombies or the wraith, since they too could request wishes. The experiments had never gone well. She also might have noticed the fact that her pendant was not actually functioning as it should either, and that Grool’s confinement was no longer an issue. Grool slipped silently from its cage and [1]moved with a stealth incongruous with its massive frame.

When Cassandra wailed out her ultimate release, it stood directly over her. If not locked in the throes of orgasmic bliss, she would have noticed that the hot breath from its nostrils didn’t come from behind the bars of a cage. She realized the cataclysmic folly of her greediness before she opened her eyes on Grool. But it waited, as it had done for time innumerate, for her to blink her shining blue eyes up into its red ones before it made its move on her. Elsewhere, seemingly continents away, two djinns had come upon a zombie, while the other one had found a wraith. The wraith smiled its twisted smile up at the wish-granter, and cawed, [2]”I want twice as many zombies. No… three times! With… bits!”

Wraiths were sometimes clever, but never smart, and not very good at coming up with creative ides on the drop of a hat. Then the djinn smiled. From nowhere – from everywhere – the zombies stepped. Tall, slender, each of them equipped with no less than three cocks. Some more. Some of the cocks were prehensile. Some were unfathomable. The zombies shambled forward from nowhere to somewhere, spreading through the cabin hungrily. [4]Wraiths, not precisely known for their counting abilities, are also entirely single-minded. The djinn gently prodded it with a swish of it’s essence.

The wraith, annoyed with being delayed, had also been a part of the experiments, so it knew what the djinn wanted. “That’s all I want. You’re free.” One should never set a djinn free, but the wraith didn’t care, it was simply intent on the zombies. It wanted to wreak havoc, to see what the combining of its ash with the zombie saliva would do this time. It floated toward the new horde of zombies and dusted them. Zombies drooling all over the dust created something the world, and certainly not this cabin or its adjacent, long unused lab had ever seen — sex-zombies climbing all over each other, mounting one another. The three-cocked version simultaneously receiving and giving.

The wraith cawed, clearly something akin to laughter. The other djinn were converging on the zombies in the other room. One headed for a zombie, the other bypassed altogether and hovered near the boyfriend of the girl turned a while before, entering his mind and whispering through the haze of arousal that he could have three things, whatever he wanted. Cassandra was entirely absorbed with Grool, her hand frozen in her panties, fear merged with arousal and she could do nothing but [1]whisper up to the hulking tyrant a single word – “Please.” It smirked and pushed a large hand down on hers, which when removed, left a sticky, substance. Cassandra was momentarily panicked as she tried to pull her hand from her nether regions, finding it sealed in place by the adhesive webbing.

But just as her eyes widened on Grool’s and she went to scream, she felt an unnatural twinge against her clit. The webbing seeped between her fingers and wrapped around it. It was nanoscopic, able to touch her in a way no tongue or fingers ever could. The webbing plucked her with the deftness of a maestro, and all she could do was stare, transfixed at her captor. If she was paying attention to the screens, she’d have seen the consumed boyfriend rising from his bed and walking calmly down the hall amid the chaos and calamity surrounding him, directly down to where the now-vacant djinn jars laid dormant on the mantle. He cracked his lips and croaked out his first wish.

[2]”I wish…” The boyfriend smirked. “I wish I was two feet long.” And so he was… the djinn heard his wish and vanished, reappearing with its lips wrapped around his cock. As it drew its head back, he lengthened, thickened, hardened. He wasn’t just two feet long – his cock GLOWED, somehow, with a violet light that radiated through skin and into the blood of those who saw it, into their souls, lighting their lust afire, making them need it in them, however they could get it. Cassandra was screaming, now, unable to even move her head or hips to thrash because she was transfixed under Grool’s gaze as the webbing touched her impossibly.

[4]The boyfriend, whose body was not exactly made to handle a 2-foot long member, nearly blacked out as his blood rushed from everywhere else to harden him. His last coherent thoughts, as the djinn pulled away and left him at the mercy of the zombies that filled the empty space were of the sensations of multiple mouths wrapped about his length, gliding up and down, one afixed to the very tip. Wracked with sheer bliss, he gave way to the sensation, the zombies making him one of their own. The remaining couple were backed into a corner. The girl perched atop a dresser, the boy standing before it swiping a book in front of him like it was a sword. The pen not mightier in this instant, finally, he just hurled the book and himself at the nearest zombie, tearing at it and biting at it.

Cassandra, in her control room, was unable to pay any mind to the monitors or the flashing red lights. Nothing was green anymore, chaos reigned, and Grool looomed. It reached out to her, grasping her wrist with one hand [1]and guided it to the button that would release the remaining fuckmonsters onto the world. They scattered in all directions, making for the exits to unleash the wanton lust that they’d been created for amongst an unsuspecting public. Vampires with fangs that dripped with precum, werewolves whose snarls hit the right sonic frequency to vibrate pubic bones, and the merman, whose ravenous power of raw sensuality couldn’t be described by the words of mere mortals. Cassandra wailed as she realized what she’d done, but she was too far taken by the wiles of the puppetmaster standing above her.

It pushed the hand that ended the world between its own legs, seething down at her [2]as her fingers entered THERE. It was not a pussy, or an ass, or a mouth… the creature had none of those. All of those. It was… sex. It was raw, and her fingers there burned like… she would say like a clit under a thousand tongues, but that was wrong. No clit had ever been capable of such strong sensations. She could feel the beast in her, too, though the only penetration was the webbing inside her pussy and her fingers THERE. It didn’t need to penetrate her to be inside her. It was in her mind. In her soul. In her body. She came. Outside time and space, she came. Screaming until she was raw, she came. And when her eyes opened, there was no more Cassandra. There was no more Grool.

There was one… she was both. She was new. She came again. [4]Grool’s webbing encompassed her from the very top of her head to the tips of her toes, encasing her in raw sensation. Her mind began to fragment while it attempted to process so many simultaneous signals. Too many thoughts to count, so she didn’t even try after the first second or two. Grool penetrated her, filled her, enveloped her. Cassandra ceased to be in a few mere moments and became one with Grool. The demon’s lips curved. Smug, if it even knew what smug was.

Finally, it would have a partner. Finally it had become successful in its plan to unleash sensation upon the globe. More creatures sprang free from their confines. Succubi, nymphs, incorporeal beings of pure energy. Cassandra had a new name now, but she didn’t know how to form it, how to voice it. The webbing kissed her in a thousand different ways, awakening her to all that Grool was and had been.


And thus the story ended. Except for Grool — the bot, and not her namesake in the story — decided to tell someone to shut up… who hadn’t even been talking:

{20:55:15}{Grool} I was curious to see when you’d shut up on your own… but it’s been three hours now, illuminaughty… THREE HOURS#$$!~!$@~^%$%

We were going for erotica, and while we didn’t quite succeed in the strictest sense, it was definitely fun, and we got a short story out of it! Feel free to comment below, or keep an eye out for our next session, which will occure either in #musings or in whichever channel we get permission to crash.

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