Kink Shaming – What it Is and Is Not

Kink shaming is the act of devaluing, disrespecting, mocking or disparaging a person over [or because of] their kink or fetish. Assuming a person is not also into humiliation or degradation over their other kinks or fetishes, this is discouraged. If you do so, you may find yourself harshly chastised by anyone observing it, even if they aren’t into the kink or fetish themselves.

However, stating any of the following is not kink shaming:

  • I don’t like your fetish.
  • I don’t want to discuss your kink, as I am not into it, and I find it unappealing.
  • Your kink is not something I enjoy.

There’s a vast difference between disliking an act versus disliking a person because of an act they enjoy but you don’t. Learn the difference, because it’s also not okay to accuse someone who simply expresses a dislike of your kink or fetish of kink shaming when they never said a word about you or your character in the process.

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