Discontinuing Mibbit Use on Cuff-Link

By ClAdmin
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We have only made one decision in the past regarding outright disallowing a client to be used on Cuff-Link, but the time has come to disallow a second.

On November 15, 2019, it will not be possible to connect to Cuff-Link via Mibbit. While we have several reasons for this, the main two are:

  1. Mibbit cannot keep their TLS/SSL certificate in place consistently, which poses a security problem. Traffic between Cuff-Link and Mibbit is insecure, which is in direct contrast to our mandate of maintaining privacy, security, and safety for all users. Since we can only control our own systems, we are removing Mibbit as a client option.
  2. Removing spam bots.

Alternate Clients

If you need web based, but would like a means to store logs, use IRCCloud. KiwiIRC is no longer supported.

If you want a desktop client or mobile app, take a look at our post regarding that can handle higher level authentication properly: https://blog.cuff-link.me/2017/02/21/auth-server-settings/

Please /join #help if you have any additional questions.