Cuff-Link Network Update

By ClAdmin
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We have finished updating the network to InspIRCd 3. InspIRCd 2 is end of life beginning June 2020 after a decade. InspIRCd 3 uses IRCv3 protocols (updated IRC for modern times), which provides better security and more advanced features as clients catch up.

If you are experiencing strange issues such as nicklists not updating when people join or mode changes happen, wonky text formatting issues, or connection issues, try updating your client before joining #help or opening a ticket at - typically, clients that have not been updated in more than a year may not be fully compatible with the network.

Specific issues we’ve seen so far:

  • HexChat needs to be updated to 2.14.3 - it’s available at GitHub for those of you on some flavour of Linux (your package manager is likely not updated yet) Windows users will get the latest if they purchase from the Windows store (Win 10 App) or if they install the version available at HexChat’s site for Windows 7, which works okay in Windows 10 (for now).
  • mIRC, though we still don’t support it, has a lot of IRCv3 capabilities, and your best bet is to get the latest (7.61 as of the datetime stamp on this post).
  • Colloquy and Mutter for iOS are dead in the water. Pick a different client; we recommend IRCCloud for mobile and browser.
  • AndChat and AndroIRC are also dead projects. Pick a different client; we recommend IRCCloud for mobile and browser.
  • IceChat 9.22 may have CAP echo-message (echos all your messages back to you in a different colour) on by default. You can fix this in your server settings on the IRCv3 tab for your server entry. Uncheck the “echo-message” box or use the following commands at will:
    • Shut it off: /CAP req -echo-message
    • Turn it on: /CAP req +echo-message


  • Mode changes will display a bit differently with a : being placed in spots that may look strange. It’s because the IRCd has been updated to use standard IRC protocols.
  • We now have the ability to get more precise with range bans, which will help us minimize needing to block huge blocks of IPs. However, we still recommend that if your client is SASL capable, to use port 7797 with a registered nick account to connect anyway (more secure, better privacy protection overall).
  • Only users registered with NickServ are able to create new channels.

Thank you,

Cuff-Link Staff.