Updates - October 2021

By ClAdmin
Category: Support Tags: #help IRC support announcements

We’ve experienced some issues with providers the last couple of weeks.

First, Let’s Encrypt was having some issues, which coincided with our certificate renewals. Most clients should be fixed.

However, mIRC is still refusing to validate the valid certificates. You can go into Options > SSL... and for Server Certificate, choose “Display invalid certificates for approval” if you’d like to check it out before allowing it or choose “Automatically accept invalid certificates” (not recommended).

Next, our webhost experienced some issues on all their servers where they lost a lot of data and are having issues restoring backups. So we decided to just move everything. DNS has been moved, the blog is back up at a new host, and we’re in the process of implementing a new support site.

In the mean time, you can email [email protected] or /join #help while connected to the network for assistance.

We’ll post another update when we’ve got the rest of it sorted!