Privacy and Interaction

By ClAdmin
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This shouldn’t have to be said, but here we go.

Cuff-Link is a BDSM and kink friendly community. As long as the acts folks partake in are good fun and consensual, we accept all kinds. This includes people who enjoy playing with gender roles, crossdressing, sissification and the like.

Calling people out in public when they are roleplaying as another gender is cruel and unnecessary. We want all users to feel safe here, as we are a community of people coming together to enjoy our weird and wonderful quirks.

There is a huge difference between people wanting to explore fantasy and lying to dupe another. The former is acceptable, the latter is not. If you are unable to understand the distinction, please reconsider coming to Cuff-Link, as we are no longer going to tolerate those who take joy in exposing others who are simply trying to express themselves in a space that is safe to them.

If you feel there is a problem, speak to the person in private, or failing that - bring it to #help with screenshots/logs.

Thank you, Cuff-Link Staff